Exchange Outflows Of BTC Is $2.3 Billion That Overshadows The Total BTC Mined Recently


Bitcoin exchange treasure declined to 2.355 million from 2.5 million within a brief span of the last one month. During that period, approximately 145,000 BTC that is valued at $2.35 billion was pulled out of the entire exchange transaction.

Beginning from 15th November, the outflows of BTC exchange saw a sharp decline. This massive drop landed at 2.355 million straight down from 2.5 million which was the lowest level that BTC has seen from the time of August 2018. An approximate 145,000 BTC that has been valued at almost $2.35 billion moved out of the exchange very abruptly. The point of price when that large amount of BTC was extracted stood at $16,200 which is a very good price level.

BTC miners during that period were able to mine almost 27,000 BTC. The worth of this is almost $437.4 million, a huge amount. BTC miners have been on their daily mining activity of 900 BTC per day following 11th May when the amount was reduced to almost half of 900 BTC.

The Bullish Trend For BTC

Until BTC can touch their stable supply of 21 million, there occurs a reduction of the block reward which is cut down by almost half after every 4 years.

Every time the block reward is reduced by half the previous amount, the target for BTC miners to mine every day also reduces. Accordingly, before May 2020, the target for miners was almost 1,800. Presently, miners have to continue to mine 900 BTC daily till 2024 brings some changes. This was fundamentally not good news for Bitcoin.


BTC witnessed a decreased amount of cryptocurrency available in the outflows of exchange since that halving of the mining amount in May.

However, if BTC can garner a higher demand and meet the supply, then they can surge the prices very easily. Several investors will be expecting the BTC price to sustain a medium-term upswing.


After the largest decline, the hash-rate of the BTC block-chain was recovered with much difficulty from 2011.

The hash-rate for seven-day average was a tera-hash of 126 million every second from a low 106 million between 3rd to 5th November.

Yet, what must be considered is that Bitcoin was able to recover their crashed hash-rate so quickly and within such little time, with minimal damages. This was seen as a very positive trend. It also indicates the rising hopes of miners and the positive outcome during their medium-term price levels.

Accumulation By Institutions

On 14th November, Grayscale revealed its net assets controlled by AUM touching $9.8 billion.

This AUM under Grayscale has shown a decent statistic to measure the institutional transaction. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust managed to evolve as a trusted investment sector for various institutions seeking proper exposure to BTC.

It is seen that BTC is declining due to increasing price ATH price levels.