Bitcoin Price Increases To $32.8K, But Data From Derivatives Shows That BTC Bears Are Still In The Lead


The expiration of the Bitcoin options on July 14 might signify a dramatic shift in market mood and lead to a break below the important level of $30,000. Despite the first positive spike brought on by the Bitcoin ETF demand, risk-on goods have not benefited from the most recent macroeconomic information.

To determine the likelihood that BTC tickers below $30,132 will remain over $30k by 14th July, it is important to evaluate market mood. The expiry of the weekly option might offer the perfect scope to profit above $120M at this level, which serves as a threshold.

Bitcoin Suffers In The Short Run From Declining U.S. Inflation

The CPI in the US reported 3.0% in June, which is the lowest reading since the beginning of 2021. The energy index fell by 16.7%, which was the main cause of this. This shows a slowing in inflation, but it is still greater than the Federal Reserve’s 2% objective, which is bad for Bitcoin since higher rates of interest encourage investors to switch to fixed-income assets.

One may contend that the Fed’s effective involvement in bringing inflation down in the near term can be seen as a favorable development for Bitcoin’s upward momentum. The U.S. DI, which gauges the dollar’s strength against the most important foreign currencies, however, was released on July 12.

Fundamentally, investors’ faith in the Fed’s capacity to avert a recession appears to be eroding. According to Wharton scholar J. Siegel, the American economy has been “progressing smoothly,” and consumers don’t appear to be feeling the effects of increasing borrowing prices. Siegel, though, thinks that people are presently spending the very last of their financial reserves on their vacation and summer fun.