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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Facebook Labels Myanmar As ‘Temporary High-Risk Location’ Following The Coup

Facebook has recently labeled Myanmar as a site of ‘temporary high-risk location’ just after the event of the coup that took place just a week ago.

The social media platform has informed, that they will be removing any inflammatory posts that call for armaments. In addition, they will protect the posts that are directed to criticize the military organization of the country.

Facebook Takes A Stand For Myanmar

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BuzzFeed has very recently reported that the policy of Rafael Frankel, the director of ‘Asia Pacific department of Facebook has delineated their response regarding the Myanmar coup to their employees through a circular message.

Frankel has promised to employ quite a few product interventions that were utilized during the past in the country as well as at the time of the elections in the United States of America. This was done in order to ensure that Facebook is not used to propagate misinformation, organize harm or incite violence.

Additionally, the platform has refused to give any official statement regarding the leaked comment. Instead, they have confirmed that several measures are presently being taken to ensure the safety of Myanmar.

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They have stated that they will not allow any inflammatory posts regarding the condition of Myanmar at the moment and will remove misinformation that delegitimizes the results of their November election.

Facebook has removed several military accounts that incited the genocide against the Rohingya Muslim community of Myanmar. However, the platform has shown frequent negligence over Islamophobic posts by Myanmar citizens, saying they do not hate speeches.

The designation of ‘high-risk location’ was also given to Washington DC after the 6th January Capitol riots in the US.

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