Facebook Launches New Video Interview Series to Share More Insight


Today, Facebook has launched its first video in the new series that will grant insights into video products. How were they made? What are they made for? How the functionalities work and what is the next thing coming?

Jeff Birkeland who is one of the team members of the Facebook product hosted the first video in the series. She made an interview with the product marketing manager Jen Lee who works on the Facebook Creator Studio application.

the application was limited as during scheduling your posts and see analytics, you could not create posts in the application. Facebook fixed this back in May. They added to the app a full post creation capability.

Lee first explains the basic points of the application. Then, focuses on some key points like why people should think seriously about using it.

The first main point is that it is not accessible to post as a personal profile in the Creator Studio app, this is made to help limit falling into mistakes.

According to Lee’s explanation:

“We routinely got feedback from creators and publishers that when they used the main Facebook mobile app to publish content, they almost always accidentally published as their personal profile, so we wanted to take care of that issue.”

Also, Lee also stated that the Creator Studio app offers access to an area of ‘video-specific metadata features’ that it is not available by the major Facebook app.

“So if you want to add pieces like video titles, video description, video thumbnails, then the Creator Studio app is the app for you.”

Birkeland clarified that the Creator Studio app focuses on videos, and attached deeper to the insights of videos, opposing other Facebook applications. So, this is the application’s main value assumption.

Moreover, Lee said that the first two requests they are improving the Creator Studio applications, they are working to evolve, are Facebook Live and Instagram posting integrations.

Lee also said that the Instagram integration “will a little bit of a bigger undertaking”, providing most of the feature is accessible already during the Instagram mobile application, yet Facebook Live integration is rolled out to several users.

It is great to get effective insights from the team who works on these products as a reason why they are developed. And there are some motivating outlines here and where they are going next. So, We were not really aware of the main focus of the video of Creator Studio, and this could make it a bit of big consideration for those looking to publish videos on their pages on Facebook.

Facebook is planning to include more video meetings in the future, and we will focus on them for any insight that worths sharing.