Messenger Rooms is Now Available via WhatsApp on Desktop


After Messenger’s announcement about the multi-participant video call rooms and its availability in other Facebook apps as well this week, the option is now available on the desktop version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Rooms

Facebook has been working on the WhatsApp rooms since April’s function launch. According to a report from Indian Express, the messenger room can only be joined or started from the desktop version of the app as it is still not available within the app itself at the moment.

Users can create a Messenger room on WhatsApp for the web by:

– Clicking on the three dots in the top left corner

– Select ‘create room’ and click on the ‘continue with messenger’ option even if you are not a Facebook/Messenger user.

– You can also start a room from a WhatsApp chat by clicking on the attachment option and selecting ‘room’.

Anyways, the cross-functionality of Messenger rooms is an easy way planned by Facebook for people on Instagram, WhatsApp, and/or Facebook to connect. But it seems there are still some issues for Facebook to work on, it’s still not available everywhere.

But you can happily connect with others using messenger rooms as another way to ease video chat. And there’s no better time for Facebook to ease more connection everywhere with the pandemic lockdowns ongoing.