Pinterest Surpasses 400 Million MAU, Shares Insights into Rising Usage Trends [Infographic]


As updated, Pinterest now has more users than Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. As it has up to 416 million monthly active users and the number of users keeps growing as people prefer to shop online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those usage trends may also become addicting as soon as people realize the advantages and comfort of online shopping. So, it may lead to a worthy upward trend in electronic commerce, even after the lockdowns ends.

That could set Pinterest for an outstanding development, which is why this new statement from Pinterest is especially relevant. Marking the latest parameters of use, the platform has released a list of key usage trends and shifts, which supply extra context as to why people are using the app, which can help you set your plans.

Among the notes:

– More than 60% of Pinterest’s audience is women. Meanwhile, the number of men using the platform is growing by nearly 50% every year.

– Pinners under 25 are twice more than pinners 25 and over.

– Gen Z searches for a ‘mental health’ check-in is up 5x ‘body positive’ is up 9x ‘gender equality’ are also up 5x

– Creative makeup looks are increasingly searched by men (+7x year-on-year)

– Millennials are searching for ‘family house plans’ (up 10x) and ‘backyard seating area’ (up to 34x) which means they are using Pinterest to make their homes more family-friendly.

Pinterest has clarified more details in the below infographic plan.

Pinterest usage trends