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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Facebook Vs. Australia: Is This Going To Last?

Facebook has been under scrutiny forever— for several reasons as well. But as of this year, the attacks are constant. The tech-giant was heavily criticized for handling the Capitol Riots on 6th January in the US. Even banning Donald Trump didn’t suffice or felt right in time. It has also been massively bashed for how it doesn’t handle posting news on its network well. Several regulators and publishers have spoken against the social networking platform for not paying the publishers. And the headlining battle between the network and Australia has now come to a soft resolve, with an agreement that they will pay for any news content. 

Political leaders worldwide have been putting pressure on several tech-giants like Facebook and have pledged to pressure the firms even more under scrutiny. The agreement between them came on Tuesday. News outlets also have spoken about their concerns and talk to social media outlets for deals in publishing news content. And news content in Australia is being restored as of now. 

The Larger Debate Of Paid News On Facebook 

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The issue with Facebook down under is, in fact, a global issue. Several people have raised questions about news outlets cutting deals with social media for letting news being published with a certain pay cut. We cannot forget the copyright law that the European Union passed back in 2019. France is the only country to let this law in effect ever since. Google signed a licensing deal for News Showcase that has several news publications under it. The French court recently affirmed the order. 

More than Five hundred publications have been signed as such with Google around the world like the UK, Germany as well as recently, Australia. For such licensing deals, Google has managed to pledge more than a billion dollars. Facebook also spoke about the licensing agreement under the French law that remains in effect. It also said it provides millions of dollars for advertising tools.

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