Facebook’s Pages App Introduces Feature To Expand Email Marketing

Facebook’s Pages app
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Reports came in from American and Australian Facebook users that the social media giant has introduced a new feature to the app. The function allows Facebook users to send customized emails aimed to advertise their company through Facebook’s Pages app. 

Facebook’s Pages appTo avail the benefits of this new feature, you first need your email address confirmed. 

The second part can be a bit tiresome for people who are already well aware of the ins and outs of e-marketing. You have to manually put in all the email accounts in your database. Then you need to confirm that the email accounts that you have added have consented to promotional emails from your page.

Facebook’s Pages appThe last bit of the process asks you to agree to all of Facebook’s terms and conditions. Then you can start building your campaign through Facebook’s Pages app. You can also preview your email content and subject. 

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The feature seems to be replicating CRM software systems. The one benefit of this feature is that all your promotional messages will come through Facebook, so it will all be available in one place. Your company’s promotional messages include Marketing emails, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads. Your ‘business.mailbyfb.com’ will be attached to your Facebook page. 

The strange thing about this feature is that it makes you upload the email contacts manually, and so, it basically is just a facilitator. Sure, your marketing messages will be sent as a broadcast, but you will still have to spend unnecessary time manually uploading the email contacts. One advantage of this function in Facebook’s Pages app is that you can customize your marketing emails within the app itself. 

Facebook did have a feature where it provided all its users with unique email accounts. But because of advertiser misuse, they did away with this feature. There’s a distant possibility that Facebook will let you use this option to target your desired audience via the app, but the social media giant is still silent on it. 

Given the simplicity of the feature, it seems as if it’s just another way for Facebook to keep track of your digital promotional activities. 

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However, it could also be an effort by the company to provide a simple way for new and small businesses to cope with the COVID-19 lockdowns, which has affected their on-ground advertisement and business. The small local organizations will surely find the feature simple and beneficial. 

As your contact list expands, you can target your Facebook ads to audiences that Facebook will automatically generate for you, through Custom Audiences, based on your company type. 

Facebook has also updated the app’s contact list. This will help us follow up on all the important information. 

Facebook’s Pages appThis new update in Facebook’s Pages app seems to be a section of the company’s extended tools. Even though the feature is a much simpler version of sophisticated CRM software, it will still help a lot of small businesses overcome their losses during this global pandemic. 

The feature has not been made available to its global users yet. American and Australian users are the ones enjoying the feature, for now.