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FarmVille, The Popular Agriculture-Simulation Game, To Discontinue On Facebook From December 2020. Here’s Why

Facebook’s legendary game FarmVille is set to shut down on Facebook after December 31, 2020, announces FarmVille’s game developer Zynga.

FarmVille was among one of the first games to ride the upsurge of games on social media platforms, especially Facebook. Facebook, back in 2009 was really pushing for the use of games and in-app platforms and so on. This was the time when this agricultural simulating game became the hype of the town. Everyone had fake farm lands and everyone was growing fake eggplants with the help of their ‘neighbors’.

FarmVille To End Its Facebook Journey After 11 Years

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FarmVille remained popular for a long time. If we look back at the game, it was really annoying if you were not playing but only receiving 1001 notifications and requests from other friends in your friend-list, most of whom were already addicted to the game.

After a journey of 11 years, FarmVille developer Zynga announces that this Facebook game will come to an end by the end of this year. This is because Facebook is ending its Flash content support after this year. FarmVille, being a Flash game, will not be able to continue on the social media platform after this Flash support is taken away.

Adobe To Discontinue Its Flash Player Updates And Distribution

Facebook’s decision comes after Adobe, the software solutions giant decides to stop updating and distributing its Flash Player. Without Adobe’s supporting Flash Player, Facebook will not be able to continue support games like FarmVille.

FarmVille- A Crucial Factor In The Increase Of Social Media Users

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This game has played a crucial role in the increase of social media usage. There was a time in 2009, when Facebook was just an infant that people used to log in to their Facebook accounts only to play FarmVille. This game has turned many Facebook users into sincere farmers working honestly (and obviously virtually) to grow crops and veggies.

FarmVille had received numerous updates over the past decade. It has also come up with a number of sequels. The latest evolution of FarmVille happened as recent as last year. FarmVille gamers on Facebook should use up their pooled credits by the end of 2020. The game will be available on Facebook till the 31st of December but in-app purchases will stop on the 17th of November.

FarmVille To Continue On Your Phone

You can mourn FarmVille’s Facebook end but if you’re a fan of the game, it’s important for you to know that the game will still exist. You can continue playing FV Universe games as they will exist on your phones, announces Zynga.

You can play FarmVille 2: Country Escape and Tropic Escape along with the latest FarmVille 3 on your smartphone. 

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