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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Stimulus Checks Might Be Granted 

There is a great possibility for the availability of the fourth round of the stimulus checks as the rise in the cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus pandemic is taking place in the United States of America. The pandemic might once again have an overwhelming effect on the economy of the country. In the midst of all this, it is very likely that the federal government might send stimulus check payments to the people.

Stimulus Check Soon?

Although it is quite evident that the administration of President Joe Biden, has no interest in providing the federal aid payments to the people. However, there might be a change of plans due to the ongoing Delta variant of the coronavirus. They have provided the stimulus checks in the form of different programs like the child tax credits and all.

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Although the discussions with regard to the stimulus check payments have not yet begun, they might soon take place among the lawmakers. There are several reasons as to why this would take place. More deaths are already taking place in the country, and the government has already introduced fresh mask mandates accordingly. The US Congress had taken immediate action in providing the money to the people as soon as the coronavirus pandemic hit the country.

However, things are going in a different direction in the state of Florida. Ron DeSantis, the governor of the state belonging to the Republican Party, has shown his disapproval with regard to the mask mandates in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, despite everything, the number of infected cases in the state is only rising with time. It recently hit its highest point in all of the pandemic months.

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