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Monday, January 17, 2022

Stimulus Checks Provided By Different State Governments

As there is a very thin chance for the federal government to provide the stimulus checks, there are a few state governments who have decided to provide the financial aid payments despite that. They are delivered in the form of one-time payments to all the citizens who are eligible. Despite the growing demand in the country for the federal payments by the public as well as a few lawmakers belonging to the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, the President, has not given any indication on the issue.

Stimulus Checks And Its Varieties

A number of states took the decision to provide the money for their citizens even if the amount was not very high. The aim behind the stimulus checks was to provide short-term benefits to the eligible people. The “California Comeback Plan” was introduced by Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state of California. It introduced a range of programs along with stimulus checks. The amount of the program was 100 USD. The tax board of the state will start generating about 600 USD cheques to all eligible citizens from the month of September the same year. 

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Some states have also provided extra money to the teachers as a gesture of thanking them for the hardships and struggles they took up to carry out their suits during the coronavirus pandemic. The state of Florida provided a 1000 USD stimulus check bonus in the month of June for all the teachers of the public schools that fall within the state. The money will be delivered exactly when the new session begins. The same has been done by Brian Kemp, the governor of the state of Georgia. He approved providing 100USD to teachers as well as the other school staff.  The same thing happened in the state of Tennessee.

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