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Finneas Fractures Elbow and Collarbone From A Bike Accident

Finneas, the renowned young singer, suffered from a collarbone and an elbow fracture after an accident. Last Thursday, Finneas shared photographs of the X-ray plates on his social media handles to let his followers know about the bike accident.

Finneas was riding an electric bike which crashed resulting in quite a major accident. His fans were quite disturbed by the shocking description of the accident. 

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The singer also said that the previous Friday he had the “pleasure” of crashing his bike. He stated that his collarbone was almost demolished and he sustained another fracture on his head and on the elbow of his right hand.

Finneas After His Surgery Was “Feeling Great”

Finneas stated that he required surgery for the condition of his collarbone and mentioned that he was feeling great after dealing with all of it.  

The singer, who is the brother of American singer Billie Eilish, used his social media platforms to thanking family and his doctors for supporting him through his tough time. He specially thanked his partner, Claudia Sulewski, an YouTuber and actor by profession for staying beside him and taking care of him. Finneas mentioned that Claudia left everything just to take care of him from the very moment of the terrible accident.

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The singer stated that he will be trying his best to accompany his sister, Billie Eilish to New York City the coming December for The Forum.

Finneas shared his emotional state saying that all he felt at the present moment is gratitude. He stated that he felt very foolish after the accident and learned a lesson for a lifetime. 

The singer said that he considers himself lucky enough to have survived the accident and be in a good state.

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