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Former Wife Of John McAfee Does Not Accept Suicide Story

Janice, the former wife of John McAfee, has dismissed claims by the software mogul’s ex-girlfriend that the software pioneer faked his suicide and was alive even weeks after the news of his death reverberated across the software world.

John McAfee was detained in 2020 in Spain and was in detention there. Allegedly, authorities discovered him discovered dead in a cell in the Spanish jail in June last year and the investigation into his death continues.

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Though authorities continue to stick to the story that the antivirus pioneer killed himself, Samantha Herrera, his ex-girlfriend claims that McAfee faked his death. His death is reported to have occurred hours after news emerged that he would face extradition to America to face charges in a federal court.

Netflix Released A Documentary This Week, Following McAfee When He Was On The Run

Netflix has pumped up the hype around his death with a documentary, Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee. The documentary follows John on the run from authorities. In it, Herrera confesses that a couple of weeks after his reported death in a Spanish prison, John called her from Texas.

Herrera claims that it was John. He reportedly told her that he had paid off authorities to give false reports about his death, and was alive. He supposedly asked her to run away with him and said that only 3 people knew that he was alive.

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But Janice slammed the news and said that though she wished it were true, John would not hide in Texas if he were alive as the authorities were hounding him in the US. Janice said that when it came to John McAfee, anything was possible. But it was unlikely that he would be in Texas, or share the news of it in a documentary on Netflix.

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