Stimulus Check Payments Worth $1,050 Coming In Soon In California

Stimulus check

When California introduced the Golden state Stimulus Check Program in 2021, millions of residents in the lower tax brackets received a lot of tax rebate checks. This is construed as a part of the state’s scheme to redistribute the massive budget surplus of $75.7 billion. The scheme went on to distribute one-time payments which were worth $600 or $1,200- which would be dependent on whether an individual filed their taxes jointly or individually.

The stimulus program, however, went on to leave individuals who had received their disability benefits or social security simply because their tax returns showed a sum of $0 in the California Adjusted Gross Income. In order to qualify for the scheme the previous year, the residents of the state had to show an annual income which was between $1 and $75,000. 

Stimulus Check Payment In California

In 2022, the state has decided to broaden its stimulus check program, which would provide multiple rebates to several more residents. The Middle-Class Tax Refund scheme for this year would see the checks being distributed in the October of this year, along with several recipients of disability, social security, or some form of public assistance who would be eligible to receive the money for this time around. Under the scheme put forward this year, the state will be issuing checks worth up to $1,050 to millions of taxpayers and benefits recipients. 

It has been announced that single filers that earn under $75,000 will be receiving stimulus check payments worth $350. The value of the rebate would go down to under $250 for those earning between a sum of $75,000, and $125,000.