Stimulus Check Update- $1,000 Payments Coming In New Jersey

Stimulus Checks

Caregivers in the county of Camden in New Jersey would be expecting to see a stimulus check payment of $1,000- which would come courtesy of a program that was designed to help people who had previously experienced major disruptions in their wages as a result of the pandemic.

It had been announced that the recipients would have to apply for the stimulus, and if they were successful- would then receive the payments that would assist them with the increasing price of gas, food, and consumer goods. Ed McDonnell, the Commissioner Deputy Director, had recognized the severe impact the pandemic had on the lives of the residents of this state. Nevertheless, he mentioned that the caregivers had been affected the worst. 

Stimulus Check In New Jersey

The Deputy Director went on to state that the pandemic has had a major impact on every single life, and most industries throughout the nation. One of the fields that were hit the hardest was caregiving- as they stood on the front lines of keeping clients and loved ones safe every single day of the week. He also added that the county hopes that the stimulus check funds would be providing some relief and support for those who were working these incredibly difficult and important jobs. 

The stimulus check funds come from around $60 million that was provided to the county through multiple federal funds. Those funds have been useful in helping others who were affected by the pandemic which includes small businesses, renters, and several other nonprofit organizations that have been operating throughout the country. According to reports, this relief fund has been made available to every individual who was employed in the direct personal care of children, the elderly, and adults that were suffering from physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities and brain injuries.