Updates On Stimulus Checks: Fourth Check Gains Momentum For Petition

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

In the middle of March, when the all-important American Rescue Plan saw the light of day, the economic severity was more than it is today. The Parliament’s decision to send out the funds for stimulus checks became evident, and in a short period, after the plan was transformed into a law, the payments of $1400 were disbursed. However, there have been significant improvements since the bill was passed by the government. Since the last few months, several claims of being jobless have been coming in. Alongside, the restrictions relating to the pandemic have been largely redacted. These factors make it difficult to justify stimulus check payments in the fourth round.

Nevertheless, the movement has gained significant traction and has an additional 85,000 earnest supporters. A sum total of approximately 2.6 million American citizens can be said to have signed the petition. The target is to have 3M signatures by the time August ends.

The Need For More Stimulus Check Funds

Although the economy in the United States is in a better place, it is still short of jobs in terms of millions. There were adequate jobs before the onset of the pandemic, most of which have since been removed. According to surveys, it can be estimated that over 2.9 million Americans have no job for a year, maybe even longer. Phrasing it otherwise, nearly 29% of all the workers that were unemployed last month, can be said to have been unemployed for a long time. This calls for stimulus check funds to be disbursed to assist the citizens with some finances. 

There were arguments between lawmakers that showcased the latest round of stimulus checks. According to them, this stimulus round must be reserved solely for the jobless, who can point out a significant loss in income. Unlike, the last stimulus round, it is not to be made available to the public at large.