Fourth Stimulus Check: Recent Updates for 2022

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Stimulus Check

So far it is clear that the 4th stimulus check is going to be received by a part of the US citizen. The new Omicron COVID variant is rampant but no financial relief is being extended yet. Along with the central government, many state governments are giving financial support like the 6300 dollars for students of Atlanta. 

Child Tax Credit 

Several qualified families will get a 50% child tax credit check in advance following the 2021 changes. The monthly payments will arrive on the 15th of every month. 

Treasury Department and the White House sorted their confusion over the credit system. They started a website with the help of Code for America to help families. Applications ended on 15th October and the checks will be dispatched soon. 

IRS Tax Refunds 

Unemployment refunds have already been processed by the IRS. Delays are caused due to document errors, incomplete information, and other reasons. The IRS is currently reviewing these applications. 

Fourth Stimulus Checks 

The federal government is unlikely to shell out a 4th stimulus check but state governments are giving support to citizens who are in dire need. Eligibility differs from state to state that is being updated. 


Citizens above 65 years and young citizens with special diseases are eligible for Medicare. They must contact a doctor or any healthcare service to enroll themselves. Additional help is also available for people who require it. 

Unemployment Benefits 

This scheme expired on 6th September 2021 but it has been extended. Over 9.3 million citizens are likely to receive relief money. 

Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) 

This is under the Social and Supplementary Security Income stimulus check package that is received by almost 70 million US citizens. This is a significant relief package that provides increased payments from 30th December. 

Other Benefits 

Citizens can also apply for a nutrition program to get healthy food. Several benefits are also being increased.