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Fourth Stimulus Check In July? Rumors Silenced As ” Fake” By The Analysts

Stimulus Check for the fourth batch had reportedly been confirmed! The news made many Americans ecstatic instantly. The whole of America was very keen on receiving added financial benefits in dire times. They already petitioned for financial benefits virtually. Amidst all these a post on social media went viral. It claimed that another batch of checks had been confirmed, which was later turned down officially. 

Stimulus Check Claims For The Fourth Time Not Approved Says Media 

The checks have started to roll out reaching millions of Americans. They have received nearly $300 per month as benefits for Child Tax Credit. Various other checks were also received gleefully by the citizens. It included provisions for unemployed citizens, daily necessities, and many more. 

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A post suddenly went viral on a social media platform. It claimed that the Government has approved the roll-out of a further batch of Stimulus Checks. It stated that eligible families are entitled to $2500 from the government. The post immediately went viral. It was shared almost 500 times and was commented on heavily. The Facebook status also contained a link that claimed to direct the citizens to the guidelines. 

The link redirects to a picture of an ape which cements the fact that the status was fake. The status seemed to have been posted as a joke. However, many took it extremely seriously. Upon analysis of the situation, a further check seems to be unlikely. 

The government clearly stated that the economy is recovering. Thus, they were not considering any further aid anytime soon. The Stimulus Check news doing rounds on social media seemed to be a practical joke. Similar claims of each person receiving  $2000 were circulated earlier.

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