Fourth Stimulus Check Update: How Can You Get The $1,400

stimulus check
stimulus check

Millions of Americans benefitted from the stimulus checks given out under the American Rescue Act, but many are wondering if there will be the fourth check.

The pandemic had created several problems for the millions of citizens of the US as they headed into the beginning of the third year amidst the pandemic.

A fourth check seems quite unlikely but several Americans are expecting to receive their missing stimulus checks from the last payments made in March 2021.

The previous stimulus check was worth $1,400 and the Internal Revenue Service had finished sending the checks by December 31, 2021.

There are still ways on how you can get the cash that you had missed out on and some families are hoping to receive the fourth stimulus check.

Stimulus Check Update: Who Are Eligible For The Missing Checks?

In order to qualify for the fourth payment, you need to meet specific criteria. The biggest group that are expecting the additional payment are new parents who had a child in 2021. 

The IRS was unaware if you had gained a dependent during 2021 as they used 2019/2020 tax returns to send the required stimulus payments.

This implies that foster parents, new parents, and adoptive parents are all qualifying for the $1,400 check on the basis of their new dependents. Another group is eligible to see the missing check and were the people who were abroad during the payment’s distribution. Millions were livi8ng outside the US but only thousands had qualified for payment and had then received it.

If you feel that you might qualify for a check, you can claim it on your 2021 taxes for the present year.

The Recovery Rebate Credit will give you the full $1,400. It also covers a partial payment if you received less but were entitled to full payment.

You can claim the payment and will then see that money in your tax refund.