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Framing Britney Documentary Has Set Twitter Aflame

Framing Britney documentary has put Twitter on a buzz after it revealed several aspects of hell that Britney Spears had to go through. Quite a few users on social media have already started rallying around the pop star after they ended up watching ‘Framing Britney Spears’. The documentary is currently streaming on Hulu. The entire documentary focuses on the ascension of Britney Spears on a global scale. Then it shifts towards her mental breakdowns and her horrifying treatment at the hands of the paparazzi. And in the end, it sheds light on the conservatorship which is being controlled mostly by Jamie Spears- her father.

Framing Britney Documentary: How Did The Industry Fail One Of The Biggest Popstars Of All Time?

Framing Britney documentary has already managed to capture the attention of several celebrities along with Tamron Hall, one of the hosts of a popular talk show. He tweeted that  ‘heartbreaking’ would probably be quite an understatement when talking about the documentary. Christian Siriano, a fashion designer spoke about how helpless and vulnerable he felt when watching the documentary- and how much he wanted to help the pop star. Hayley Williams, the singer from Paramore rightly stated that no celebrity in the 21st century faced as much torture as Britney did. If talks of mental health awareness are on a rise now- it is simply due to the price that she had to pay. 

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Framing Britney documentary has brought forth several people who the fans have rallied against. The list includes Justin Timberlane, who she dated in the early 2000s. It was rumored that Spears had been unfaithful to JT, but his own cavalier behavior left much to be desired. After the documentary, many fans of Britney Spears decreed that Justin Timberlake ought to publicly apologize for what he did to Britney. 

Although the media has received much flak for their role in the Framing Britney documentary, some of the paps believe that Britney gave no hint as to her plummeting mental condition.

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