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Free Alexei Navalny: Protestors Demand In Pushkin Square, 3000 Arrested

Alexei Navalny, the opponent of the Kremlin, had been sent to prison for alleged money-laundering and fraud. On 20th August 2020, Navalny alleged the Kremlin behind his suspected poisoning. On Saturday more than 15000 protestors gathered near Pushkin Square demanding the release of Alexei Navalny. The protestors soon broke into a clash with police and more than three thousand protestors were arrested for causing violence. Yulia, the wife of Navalny, was also among the arrested protestors.

Numerous Protest Brakes Out In Russia To Free Alexei Navalny

Despite the extremely cold temperature, a number of protests have been reported around Russia. From Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Yakutsk, protestors gathered with the claim to free Navalny. Reportedly, more than 3068 people have been arrested. The protestors still plan to have another gathering next weekend.

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Alexei Navalny has been known for his reports on Vladimir Putin’s government. He has always pointed towards the government’s corruption. Navalny claimed his arrest was completely politically motivated. Alexey Navalny also released a recorded phone call which hints at the deliberate poisoning of Navalny. The Russian government wants to keep Navalny in prison but the rising protests and criticism are creating difficulties for the government.

Recently, the U.S. State Department has expressed their strong condemnation against the arrest of the protestors. According to the U.S State Department, the Russian police used harsh ways to stop the journalists and people protesting for Navalny’s release.

Regarding the arrest, Navalny claimed it was entirely politically motivated. Navalny claims, it was part of the Kremlin’s strategy to poison him. On 20th August, Navalny fell sick and eventually went into a coma. The medical reports pointed to a nerve agent of Soviet-era Novichok.

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There is still no indication about Alexei Navalny’s release from jail but protests against the government are increasing day by day.

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