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Thursday, March 4, 2021

First Amendment: Understanding It In Current Circumstances

In recent times, the United States is witnessing a great upheaval of power politics which reminds us of the first amendment of the U.S. After the election in November, many conservative groups are showing their strong presence on social media platforms. Primarily the social media platforms had the goal to ban or report any posts which provoke violence or false information.

After the insurrection in the Capitol, various social media platforms expelled Donald Trump from their respective platforms. Yet we need to conform to the First Amendment of the constitution even in the case of corporate privilege in social media firms.

What Does The First Amendment Say?

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The Republicans are known as the party which gives privilege to the corporate sector. But recently the party is criticizing the power of oligopoly in social media. The Democrats, on the other hand, are known for reducing corporate rights and end oligopolies. But now they are claiming the decision of private firms to de-platform is legitimate.

According to them, the de-platforming by the private firms is not a matter to initiate the First Amendment. The role reversal of the Democrats and the Republicans regarding corporate sector privilege is surely interesting. The role reversal is nevertheless astounding and it also reminds us of the First Amendment of the constitution. The First Amendment tells about democracy and of course the ‘freedom of speech’.

The constitution constitutes the United States as a ‘Res Publica’ or democratic republic. That explains that we can use and manage everything that is ours for our own growth. A republic is supposed to have public sectors that are for our own good. Anything that is not against the public rights and for the good of the country is fair. Thus in recent times, media space must be preserved and maintained. It should be received as a ‘deliberation’ infrastructure.

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So, for the present time, we need to be careful about any manipulation or provocation of violence. The moderation for social media firms is also significant to conform to the First Amendment of the constitution.

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