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TikTok To Block Unverified Users In Italy

The authority of the privacy of the data of Italy has made a fresh order with regard to TikTok, the popular app that is used for sharing videos. According to the new order, the accounts of those users whose age cannot be confirmed will have to be blocked temporarily.

This new order by the privacy officials of Italy comes in the wake of the death of a minor girl. The girl was just ten years old and belonged to Palermo. The parents of the deceased contacted the Italian officials with regard to the reason for her death.

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TikTok To Cooperate In The Case

It was mentioned that the girl died due to her participation in a challenge she came across over TikTok. It was a “blackout challenge”. The term used to describe her death is “asphyxiation”. However, the Italian authorities are not done with the information that is visible, they are still looking if there is the involvement of a third person in the case. They are working to know if any person gave an invitation to the deceased to participate in the challenge.

Following the case, the Data Protection Authority of Italy monitored TikTok block those users who stand to be unverified. This is to be maintained until the 15th of February. TikTok also released a statement with regard to the case. It was stated that there has been no such content on their platform that led to encourage the girl in going for the deadly challenge. However, they affirmed that there would do anything to show cooperation with the Italian officials.

A representative from TikTok released an email concerning the issue. It was said that the two most important priorities of the company happen to be safety and privacy. And this was something they were constantly working on.

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