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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Mega Millions Friday’s Jackpot, The Third Highest In The US

The third-largest price of the lottery, the Mega Millions jackpot, was recently won by somebody in the Michigan area. This took place on Friday. The amount won is 1.05 billion USD. This is the largest amount won by a ticket in the history of the United States of America.

The lucky numbers that led to the Mega Millions jackpot involved a certain combination 42, 4, 60, 50, 26, and the Mega Ball was 24. The Michigan Lottery mentioned the place from where the ticket that led to the great win, was purchased from. According to them, the winner got the ticket from a Kroger store that is at Novi in the suburbs of Detroit.

Mega Millions Ticket Worth 1.05 Billion USD

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A statement was given by a spokeswoman for the regional grocery chain, Rachel Hurst. She said that a Michigan resident woke up to a piece of news that completely changed the life. She also added that the person, who is now the newest multimillionaire from Michigan, is heartily congratulated by Kroger.

The winning prize of the Mega Millions lottery had been increasing ever since the month of September 2019. It happened precisely on the 15th of September during the time a winning ticket was bought at Wisconsin. According to the estimations, the amount of the coming jackpot can be 20 million USD.

The Mega Millions jackpot incident of Friday occurred after just 48 hours of the jackpot of 731.1 million USD. The previous jackpot matched a total of all the six numbers that were drawn. The ticket was bought from Maryland.

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There has only been a total of three lottery prizes in the range of the Mega Millions jackpot. One happened in the month of January in the year 2016, and the other took place in October in the year 2018.

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