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Friday, December 9, 2022

Fresh Florida Stimulus Checks For Teachers From A $216M Budget

Eligible Americans from specific sections of society will start getting a new round of stimulus checks. These stimulus checks will be worth $1,000 each. The cash is going out to principals and teachers in Florida for their extra effort through the pandemic.

It has been a chaotic couple of years and teachers had to fight their way through it to teach students online. Governor Ron DeSantis has decided to recompense their efforts through this stimulus check.

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The Governor decided to give $216M of the 3rd round of the Education Stabilization Funds as a token of appreciation to the teaching community of the state of Florida.

He says that the past year has been a challenging one and has demanded an exceptional level of perseverance and determination. He added that millions of students across America were denied access to school education.

Governor Desantis Gave Stimulus Check To Teachers For Their Efforts

But Florida has put the priorities of students and their families before everything else. It has made a major difference to millions of disadvantaged students and their families in the state.

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He thanked the teaching communities for their supreme efforts. As a recognition of their devotion and efforts towards helping the students, he said that Florida was providing them $1,000 each.

Around 170,000 residents of Florida are eligible for the $1,000 stimulus check for teachers and principals. Governor DeSantis has always championed the education profession ever since he was elected back in 2019. In 2020, he had assented to a bill, thereby raising the base salary of teachers in Florida.

The base rate of teachers was raised by Governor DeSantis to $47,500. It gave $500M to the teachers of the state and another $100M to proficient teachers.

The Governor said that he was hopeful that this initiative would entice more young people to turn to teaching as a profession.

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