Amidst A Campaign For Clawbacks, FTX Is Investigating Payments To An AI Safety Organization


The Centre for AI Safety, a charity that has advocated that AI should rank alongside nuclear proliferation and pandemics as a worldwide concern, has received millions from the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX. The exchange wants to investigate these donations. The defunct cryptocurrency exchange has been attempting to obtain details on millions in payments it previously made to the Centre for AI Safety (CAIS), a charity dedicated to AI safety.

FTX Has Requested CAIS To Submit Various Documents Necessary For Investigation

The attorneys for the exchange stated in a bankruptcy court statement on October 25 that the company had donated $6.5M to CAIS from May to September last year—months prior to the fall of the cryptocurrency exchange and its subsequent bankruptcy. The most well-known thing about CAIS is their May open declaration on the risk AI, which stated that extinction risk mitigation from AI must be given equal priority to nuclear war. Several well-known people, including Geoffrey Hinton, AI’s “Godfather”, and Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, signed the declaration.

The FTXF, the FTX FF, FTX Philanthropy, and “any director, officer, employee, or contractor” of FTX are among the parties from whom the platform requests CAIS to submit various transactions, documents, and conversations. Additionally, correspondence from co-founders Sam B, Fried, and Gary Wang, B. Fried’s brother Gabriel B. Fried and father Joseph Bankman, former AR CEO C. Ellison, and ex-attorneys of the platform Daniel Friedberg and Can Sun are particularly requested.