Vanessa Hudgens Posts Pre-Wedding Celebration Pictures

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens has been enjoying the time she is spending prepping for her approaching wedding. The 34-year-old self-proclaimed Halloween queen posted a picture where she is wearing a custom-made wedding veil. In every picture, Hudgens gradually inches closer to Cole Tucker, her fiancé, before finally uttering “I do”.

Vanessa Hudgens Is In The Wedding Mood

Vanessa Hudgens’ fans received two treats in one post after the celebrity shared two carousels on Instagram on October 26th. The pictures gave a small look into the designs that may feature on the approaching big day. Every October, the alum of Disney turns her account on social into grayscale from the usual bubbly colors. Even though she has nuptials upcoming, there has been no exception made for the annual trend.

Vanessa Hudgens’ first upload’s caption was an abbreviation of Vanessa and Cole’s names with a heart signifying love in the middle. The same motif made an appearance on the celebrity’s veil as well. The actress of High School Musical was seen smiling gracefully while she lifted the headpiece. She was also wearing a bridal gown and gloves. Just behind Hudgens, two balloons can be seen floating. Cole, the 27-year-old player in MLB, typed the emoji for infinity in the post’s comment section. Ashely Benson, Hudgens’ co-star on Spring Breakers, exclaimed how angelic Vanessa looked in her comment.

In the other post on Instagram, Hudgens was in the company of her six best female friends. This included Alexandra Shipp, the actress. All of them were dressed in black while posing inside a hallway. Hudgens was kneeling in the middle wearing the white gown seen from earlier. However, this time around, there was a star-shaped tiara on her head. Hudgens asked through the caption if the viewers could guess what the theme of the night was.