German FX trader, Ken Ibizugbe, drops out of college to build an empire 

Ken Ibizugbe
Ken Ibizugbe

Founder of Blue Capital Academy, Ken Ibizugbe, follows his mother’s path to embrace entrepreneurship and build an empire in the process 

The definition of success is relative depending on the parties involved. However, one can hardly argue that Ken Ibizugbe of Blue Capital Academy is not successful considering the impact the young FX trader has had even before clocking 30. Ken currently ranks as one of the most sought-after FX trading coach, a feat he was able to achieve after dropping out of college to pursue entrepreneurship like his mother. 

Born in Gesin, Germany, where he lived for 7 years before moving to the US, Ken Ibizugbe did not have the rosiest childhood experience. However, he did not let the obstacles deter him as he picked up things very quickly and practically self-taught himself how to play basketball.  

I used basketball as a vehicle for me to become successful as got a basketball scholarship to play for school up in New Hampshire. Once I attend college I realized that college wasn’t for me at all I want more to life. So I dropped out my Sophomore year to pursue entrepreneurship like my mother.  She was my biggest motivation after observing what she was able to accomplish for a single mother raising three boys at the time,” said Ken Ibizugbe 

Ken’s gamble as it turned out has yielded remarkable results over the years. “I had no plan no ideas on what I wanted to do,” said Ken. The decision to go into Forex was inspired by one of his friends after the duo started a network marketing company, called “Wake Up Now.” 

He explained what foreign exchange “Forex” I immediately felt like this was my calling to master this skill set. As I obtain this knowledge. I begin working jobs almost up to 12 jobs and getting fired from the due to being late. I used what I made & funded my trading account to make money. My first year was my learning year had to deal with people that didn’t believe in me at all but it only motivated me to be better. My second year I was starting to become profitable then ending my second year, entering my third I was able to take the risk & become self-employed.” 

The rest they say is history as Ken has gone on to establish 2 companies in quick succession. The first was Blue Capital FX, where he cleared up almost $90k in sales in his first month. He also established Blue Capital Academy, where he shares his wealth of knowledge and trading ideas with students in different parts of the world.