Using Video Content in The Recruitment Process


Video content has become a dominating power in many various industries in the last two years. More recruiters, employers, and hiring services are including video into their recruitment process as it is growing every day and become more popular. Video content use in hiring is very popular and it is a trend nowadays.

Why is it useful to use video content in the recruiting process?

Videos help you grab people’s attention while you’re presenting your brand compellingly and attractively. You will capture more candidates’ attention, also improve user’s experience and application rate. Recruiters use video content in the recruitment process in every stage of the candidate journey as video content helps:

  • Raise awareness of the candidates
  • Make candidates put your brand into consideration
  • Make candidates more interested in your brand
  • Enhance application rates
  • Decrease the selections and increase the chance of choosing your brand
  • Lead to hiring

With video content, the recruiter will be able to present the brand message and value proposition to an employee, test applicants, do interviews, explain the hiring process, and express appreciation. To start, you can create your video, contact a company that may help you with that, or just use video templates that ready to use.

7 ways video content has changed the recruitment process

Besides providing a ready job and a normal payment, employees also expect to use the newest technologies in the workplace and operations. Most of them need their employers to be always up to date with the newest technology advancements

Video content is a perfect tool for recruiters to find and hire the most talented. It’s efficient in attracting talented candidates. Also, it lets companies learn and connect with their candidates.

As an example, each company that needs to enhance its opportunity of hiring top talent will use video content to make the best-recruiting efforts. So, here is how video content can change the recruitment process completely:

1) Increases your employer brand

Employees, applicants, and candidates look at your brand as the first thing when the recruiter contacts them. This is how you introduce yourself in the digital and real world. Video content is a good way to start, improve, and develop your brand. In the end, this is what grants your company an identity and makes your potential candidates link to when they apply.

Speaking is still the strongest tool, yet videos grant other sides like passion and enthusiasm that are very important for your company if you’re looking to the top talents. Demonstrating a good brand image makes your company promote its policies, products, services, and culture. However, the most important thing is that it gives your company the authenticity it needs the most.

2) Video content helps you reach new candidates

As per a new study, 63% of companies use video content in the recruitment process. The major element to attract the top talents is in engaging and identifying them. Indeed, the company can use the advantage of identifying the top talents to win this competition.

A video is a helpful interview tool that makes you more able to reach and engage with your candidates wherever they live. Also, video content enables you, later on, to effectively assess your candidates immediately.

3) Video interviews reduce recruitment costs

The recruitment process is one of the most important elements of your success. It’s a basement a fundamental thing in which you establish your business. While this can be a very expensive process, you need a way to decrease the costs yet still recruit the best candidates.

Video interviews save time and decrease costs. However, it improves the candidate’s examination. You can cut costs significantly by using previously recorded video interviews. It will save time for employers and also reduce some costs such as travel and phone call costs.

4) Improves the examination process

While normal recruiting is wasting a lot of time and is an exhausting process, you have to find a way that improves this in a shorter time. Consulting every application may take unlimited time, yet new technology may help with this.

Presently, most of the candidates are online or mobile which means that you may use videos to make the process of screening a candidate standard. This can speed up the candidate selection, alongside with significantly narrowing down it.

5) Eliminates geographical barriers

Usual recruiting used to be limited to hiring candidates that live near your company’s location. However, this geographical impediment can easily be eradicated. Videos help you make your candidate pool wider by providing you access to each place in the world.

Better still, candidates don’t have to travel to make an interview. It will help them save lots of money on transportation costs. Rather than that, they can have an interview from home which makes a great first impression.

Pre-recoded video interviews are easier to manage and also somehow economical. Besides cutting all costs of the recruitment process and removing the geographical barrier, video interviews save time in the way of doing interviews with more than one candidate at the same time.

6) Video content helps you reach out on mobile

Internet and mobile users are usually looking for an efficient way to foresee normal career and application processes and websites, as modern ways provide new chances. Furthermore, 80% of internet users search by using their mobile phones.

Since mobile recruitment is yet an HR strategy in the process, it’s anticipated to be the main element of the recruitment process. This will be the norm for many companies that look for top talents to increase their ranks. That is particularly the video content’s role.

It provides you a way that you can influence in mobile searches. Also, it is an efficient tool that assists with using modern technologies like gamification and social video to improve the recruitment process, make it more attractive, and modify it to the present recruitment trends.

7) Video content in the recruitment process helps you stay competitive

Using the latest technologies and trends is the best way to stay in the competition. This helps you avoid being overcast by companies that are taking the same steps as you. Being competitive is being popular and that means spending time searching for the perfect candidate.

Video content doesn’t only help you know the ideal candidate, it also helps you catch their attention as top talents. As per a study, companies that are using video content in the recruitment process are more likely to receive good feedbacks from candidates.

Videos make you improve the application rate by 34%. As we compare it to the companies that fail to add video content in the recruitment process, you are highly competitive.

How to create a recruitment video?

To create a professional recruitment video, you don’t have to do hard work. You can just use tools such as Powtoon or Moovly. You can start in a few minutes, and you don’t have to be professional to do it.


Considering all these facts, it is okay to say that there are a lot of ways video content can change your recruitment process to the best. Video content helps you improve the user experience for candidates and promoting standards and sharing.

It’s SEO-friendly and grants worldwide search benefits and also helps you widen your search to every place of the planet. It decreases the cost and time to address each application and allows you to deliver the brand message to the right audience in an appealing way.