Different Ways to Use Video in Your Content Marketing

video content ideas
video content ideas

If you are wondering what makes good content for business marketing, you must start with the use of videos.

Yes, videos in these present times are more than just entertainment. Landing page videos can increase conversion rates by more than 80%. The mere mention of the term “video” in the subject of your email can increase its open rates by 19%. 90% of customers claim that videos help them make their buying decisions.

Viewers retain 95% of the messages delivered in the form of video, while 92% of the mobile users share videos on different platforms. 88% of the marketers claim that they will be making more videos in the future, while 86% say that videos have helped them increase website traffic.

Around 93% of businesses earned new customers from social media videos. Videos have become a versatile tool for businesses to influence the customer’s buying journey, and they can do much more than increase engagement. 45% of the marketers are willing to add videos to their content marketing plan.

Are you thinking of joining them? If yes, then you must know the different ways of using videos in your content marketing. Here you go:

Use Branding Videos

Putting up your brand’s story in front of the prospects is an important prerequisite for successful content marketing. Video is the perfect medium to put across your brand’s storytelling pieces, and these pieces will live on your social media channels and on your site through videos.

You can use videos to share your brand origin, values, and mission in the form of a story. This will be a highly immersive, nuanced, and richer experience for your audiences, bringing in good returns in the long run.

Explainers Are Your Way to Go

Earlier, videos were used for explaining complicated products and services. But now, explainers offer an engaging and brief overview of the value proposition of a business in just two minutes.

Explainer videos create a certain problem in the first few seconds and then highlight how your products and services can solve that problem. They are persona or character-driven, short videos with a clear CTA. You can also use live-action or animation in your explainer videos to showcase your business information in an all-inclusive manner.

Learn from Coinbase’s use of explainer videos that have brought in huge engagement for the company.

Coinbase, an American platform, uses explainer videos along with how-tos about using its products. Instead of interviewing the customers or team members, the company uses animated explainer videos. The company also live streams Ask Me Anything or AMAs with its CEO and is trending on social media platforms.

You can easily duplicate this strategy. For example, if you have something to offer in the fitness area, you can have your founder or any fitness professional do an AMA. The takeaway message here is explainer videos, both live and animated, will be perfect for your product, specifically if you are serving a complex industry like Coinbase.


Video advertisements are not pure-play content marketing, but you can always use them to drive traffic to your site.

Running video advertisements on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook will fuel the reach of your business to a large number of customers.

Tailor-Made Landing Page Videos

Just like home pages with explainers, landing pages with customized or tailor-made videos are targeted proxies for home pages. They are created to match invitations or CTAs your business has sent.

Using different affordable tools, you can make a small business video and its thousands of variations too. These videos help a small business grow exponentially.

Videos for Search Engine Optimization

You can use videos to highlight the main message of a gated white paper. This further helps increase the white paper’s reach and even increases its search engine rankings.

There are two important categories of video SEO. You make a video and publicly post it on YouTube to earn maximum views and get wide exposure. Due to Google’s high ranking on YouTube, your video will automatically improve your search engine rankings.

The CTA in your video will direct traffic back to your site. But the problem here is you might risk your leads getting distracted by the other YouTube videos because of the incredible rank of reach of this platform.

Another video SEO idea is hosting the video on your business site and not on YouTube. You can work with third-party sites specializing in simulating self-hosting or self-host your video on your own.

The video and its supporting text will help your web page move up its rankings which means the traffic you gain through the video will stay on your site. You can pursue both these approaches simultaneously but always ensure variations between videos.

Educational Content

Using videos to educate the customers or prospects about your products and services is the best thing that you can do. Regardless of whether you are presenting a practical guide or a piece of thoughtful leadership, educational content is your content marketing life.

Such videos offer an entertaining and laid-back experience. They are short yet interesting, and the best thing about them is that you can post them live on resource or learning centers or add them to your blogs.

Video Emails

There’s no other form of video content that works better than video emails. Brainshark research highlights that including a video in an email can improve its open rate by 20% and offer higher click-through rates.

You can make emails a more personalized experience for your prospects by using a backlog of videos on your site to your advantage. For example, someone has gone through a part of your video on your site and has not finished watching the entire content. You want the person to watch that whole video, and you can do so easily by sending the same email to the viewer’s email.

Marketo, an America-based software company, does this very often and has raised its CTR by more than 144% because of the personalization of its emails.

The Bottom Line

Using engaging video content help business in getting more eyeballs. They have become one of the most important parts of every business’s marketing strategy. They are not new in the content marketing world. The only thing you need to work on is understanding the type of videos that will fit into your product niche. Once you are all settled, just keep making different video variations, and you will find traffic exploding on your site.