Getting Your Social Security Papers In Order: How Much Are You Getting This Month?

social security

For most of us, it is the same old story of putting issues that are not pressing immediately. While no one ever plans to be sick or disabled, or old, planning for the future can make all the difference in emergencies and during the retirement years when social security income becomes important. 

Being prepared and having vital documents in order can save you a lot of woes and help you get our social service payments on time. It eases the financial burden on you and your loved ones. 

Replacing Your Social Security ID

Many people realize that they need to correct or change their Social Security information when there are changes in their life like getting married or divorced that include changing their name. They might also need to replace their Social Security card when they realize they’ve lost their original ones, or it has been stolen. There are convenient ways to deal with either of those situations. 

If your need is limited to a simple replacement of your Social Security card and no other changes in the entry, you can just request a replacement SOical Security card online at the website of the Social Security Administration. You will need to be an American citizen, aged at least eighteen years, have an American mailing address, and will have to give certain information that includes copies of the driver’s license or a state identification card from any of the participating states or the District of Columbia. 

At present every state except Nevada, Minnesota, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and New Hampshire are participants in this program. For those who are residents of Alaska, Wisconsin, and Delaware, it is important to note that only the driver’s license is an acceptable document to replace a stolen or lost Social Security card. 

This service is yet to be started for residents whose identification card or driver’s license was issued by a US territory that includes Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands. 

It is important to note that a new Social Security Card can also be applied for by filling out an application and returning it through the postal service by dropping it off at the local office of the Social Security Administration. 

Applicants can also visit the local office of the Social Security Administration and fill out an application there. 

Requesting For A Change Of Name In The Social Security Card

There are several steps you need to go through if you desire to update or make changes to your Social Security Card. The rules are almost similar to the rules for applying for a new card in the first place. 

You will have to fill out Form SS-5, which is for applying for a fresh Social Security Card. You will also need to gather supporting documents that prove your age, citizenship status, and identity. 

The Social Security Administration has listed the supporting documents that are deemed acceptable by the SSA. The form is a one-page document that contains eighteen items. Most of the items are easy to fill. The form can be printed and filled by hand or even filled out in a PDF form and then printed. 

Eighteen Steps To Fill Out A Social Security SS-5 Form

You should provide your first name, middle name, and surname as you would have them shown on the card. For those who have a different name at birth, or previously went by a different name, they should also provide the details of their previous name. 

If you already have a Social Security number, you will need to enter it here. Otherwise, this part should be left blank. 

You should also enter the state, city, or foreign nation where you were born. You should provide the month, date, and year of your birth. 

Next, you should check the appropriate box that indicated your status; whether you are any one of the four: an American citizen, a legal alien permitted to work, a legal alien who is not permitted to work, or someone in the “others” category. 

Those who fall in the last two categories will have to furnish additional information and documents with the SS-5 form as a non-citizen. This is necessary as the government will not issue a Social Security card to you unless you can prove that you will need one.

If you are convinced that you need a Social Security card, you will have to contact the SSA beforehand and see if you qualify for the card. You should also clear the issue of the supporting documentation that would be required to obtain the card. 

You can skip past items six and seven that relate to race and ethnicity. But supplying that information will help the government with additional statistical analysis and information on social security card applicants. You only need to check the boxes that apply to you. 

You will also have to identify your gender and tick the appropriate box. The current version of the form has only two choices. You will also have to provide the names and the SS numbers, if any, for both your parents. There is also an option if you do not have any of these details. 

For those applying for a card on behalf of minors, you must supply the Social Security number if they were issued. 

There are also boxes to indicate if you have ever received or filed for a Social Security card earlier. If you are applying for someone else, you should also supply the information if they have ever filed for the card. There are three options to be filled: Yes, No, and Don’t Know. 

If your answer is in the affirmative to the above question, you will have to enter details about the previous card, provided the name and the date of birth are different.

Other details to be entered income the date, an active phone number so that the SSA can reach out to you, and a mailing address. Finally, sign the form. You should also indicate that you have filled out the form yourself or someone else has done it for you.