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GGPoker Brings Back the Omaholic Series

Back by popular demand, the World Champion of Omaha series is once again making its way to the GGPoker site. Otherwise known as the Omaholic Series, this tournament is a true test of who is the best Omaha poker player.

If you fancy yourself as a champion of Omaha poker, or you’d like to see who has the chops to gain the title, you have come to the right place. We have all the details to get you close enough to the action that you can smell the felt tables. Read on for all the details of the biggest Omaha poker championship.

What is the Omaholic Series?

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The ggpoker.co.uk Omaholic Series is only for the most passionate of Omaha players. It’s for those players that want to smell the sweat of their opponent, who enjoy the faster-paced game, and like the extra risk that comes with this variant of poker.

The Omaholic Series kicks off in November with hundreds of events to get involved with every day. They are all on different levels so you can play games to your experience and have different levels of buy-ins so all can play. The one requirement is that you love Omaha.

The buy-ins start at $1 and the guaranteed winnings range from $100 to $10,000! Buy-in for $5.25 to gain entry into the Omaholic Mini Bounty MILLION$! But that is only stage one. By the end of it you could win the guaranteed winnings of $100,000!

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Keep a lookout for the The Omaholic Sunday Main Event, which last year had a buy-in of $1,050 and a guaranteed win of $75,000!

And then there was the entertainment. Last year’s Omaha Series featured the Omaholic’s Show which was held every Thursday throughout the tournament, featuring GGTeam member JNandez and Minthon for some commentary on the tournament.

What’s the difference between Omaha and Texas?

If you’re thinking of competing, you might need a refresher on your Omaha poker rules.

Omaha is a faster paced game due its more complex nature. This is because of the one main difference between Omaha and Texas Hold’em: the number of cards you’re dealt. Texas players will gain two cards and be able to choose between using one of them or both of them, whereas Omaha players are given four and have to choose only two of them to use to develop a hand.

This small change creates an opportunity for more action from Omaha poker. You’re given a decision to make immediately, that will affect the rest of the game. You will have to abandon two cards right away and make up a hand with three community cards.

Because of this, Omaha players have more of a chance of making a hand, which will allow more players to stay in the game longer, making for a very intense game that builds tension until the flop. Omaha creates an environment where there are a lot of bad hands and very few good hands, so players need to be very shrewd in their reading habits and very good at mastering their poker face to tell who’s bluffing.

Where can I play?

Check out the GGPoker website for updates on confirmed dates for the Omaholic Series and all the latest number of cash prizes.

If you can’t wait until the Series starts, you can instead play the Omaholic daily tournament. The true beauty of it is you can play at any time on any given day. The full schedule can be found on the GGPoker website, and it runs from midnight to midnight, with games starting at 40 minutes past the hour.


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