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GNUS Stock Ratings And Financial Report Highlights

NASDAQ: GNUS stock has reported a rise of 1.87% over its closing price in comparison to its high of $11.73 for the past year. This rise was much needed after collecting a total loss of -9.73% over the past 5 trading sessions. “Llama Llama” was launched by Penguin Young Readers and GNUS on February 11. It was a promotion of Branded Merchandise as a constituent of Cares collection by Kohl.

What Do Stock Market Analysts Say About NASDAQ: GNUS Stock?

2.20 is the beta value(36-month) for GNUS stock. There are interesting opinions of the GNUS stock as one analyst issued a rating of “buy”, 0 analysts issued a rating of “overweight”, 0 analysts reported a rating of “hold” while 0 analysts reported a rating of “sell”. 

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$4.50 is the standard value given by analysts. The ratio of the current short hold of GNUS stock is at 16.31% of the current 180.40M public float. The average volume of trade of GNUS was at 23.47M shares today.

Market Performance of GNUS

GNUS stocks reported a -9.17% fall this week along with a -6.03% monthly drop and a drop of -34.34% quarterly performance with a 67.51% rate in annual performance. This week has a 7.09% volatility ratio while for the last 30 days GNUS had an 8.56% volatility ratio. The last 20 days rolling average is set at -17.74% with the past 200 days moving average set at -15.51% for GNUS stocks.

Trading Rate of GNUS Stock Is At -9.62% From The Moving Average Of 50 Days

The company was incapable of rebounding after it hit the low price during the past 52 weeks. Now it has settled with a loss of -90.71%. With shares sinking by -14.17% over the past 20 days moving average, there was a 7.09% increase in the rate of volatility. Currently, the trading rate is -4.39% lower over the past 50 days.

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The fall of GNUS stock by -9.17% has changed the past 200 days moving average by +159.83% compared to the moving average(20 days). Finally, it remains at $1.13160.Also, GNUS has an overturn of 299.71% in one year intending to further cut gains.

Insider Training Activities

Klein Michael purchased a total of 25,000 shares costing $2.83 for each share on July 6 with more reports of trading activities at Genius Brands International Inc. Michael now owns a total of 45.000 shares having a total value of $70,750 which was the last closing price value. GNUS Director purchased 5000 shares on June 26 by paying $2.73 for each share. That means he is holding a total of 20.000 shares with a total value of $13,650 on the closing price.

Fundamentals of GNUS Stock

Profitability levels of the company currently are:

1) -113.21(current operating margin)

2) +16.90(gross margin)

-194.34 is the total margin of GNUS.Total return capital value is -37.61,with the capital returns(invested) at -74.64. The equity debt in total generated by GNUS’s capital structure is 106.02 points with debt in ratio to capital at 51.46. The ratio between total debt and assets stands at 32.75 while the ratio between long-term debt and equity is 73.31. Lastly, the ratio between the long-term debt and capital is 35.58.

The ratio between enterprise and sales is 2.13 and that between the debt of the company and enterprise value is 0.77. The turnover of receivables is 1.88 while the turnover of total assets is 0.22. The ratio of liquidity seems interesting to investors with its value settling at 0.56

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