Google Pixel 5 Has Been Released, You Can Watch The Live Online Event

Google Pixel 5

Google is releasing its latest Google Pixel 5, updated Chromecast, and many more products during its live online event today. 

Several big names have released their brand new products just this month. After Amazon and Apple, it looks like Google products are next on the line now. 

30th September is the Google virtual event, which they will broadcast for all interested audiences. Last August, Google revealed its Pixel 4A phone. Soon after, the company had stated that they were going to release Google Pixel 5 soon. The time has come. 

Along with the smartphone, Google announces that it will release its latest smart speakers and Chromecast. 

Google Pixel 5 Design: Strategically Poorly Designed?

As per Lynn La from Cnet, the company strategically designs its smartphones to have poor protection against leaks. Like the previous smartphones, Cnet commentator claims, Google Pixel 5 also has a design that’s poorly protected against leaks. 

Just as the flagship phone is about to be revealed, several rumors float surrounding Google’s new products. As per reports, Google will add a hole-punch camera in its next smartphone device. Google Pixel 4 went a different way and used a Face unlock system instead of a fingerprint unlock system. 

Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 5 Has Been Released, You Can Watch The Live Online Event 2

Google Pixel 5, reportedly, has a fingerprint sensor, does not contain a headphone jack, and can be charged via wireless technology. It’s said that the device will be powered by Qualcomm’s SnapDragon 765 processor. Additionally, the smartphone will have 8GB of RAM and 128 storage GB. 

Not many details have been revealed about it. However, one thing that’s clear is that it supports 5G and its lead comes with a price tag of 629 euros or $735. Sources also say that the smartphone will be made available in black, green, and other colors. The company is yet to reveal its official release and sale dates. 

Google’s Latest Chromecast Is Called Sabrina

As tech enthusiasts get excited over Google’s latest streamer, the company reveals its new Chromecast’s name. Even before the launch of this device, the market is swarming with rumors. 

Sources say that Sabrina, Google’s Chromecast, can be operated with an external remote. This is the first time Google is adding a remote to its Chromecast streamer devices. 

Google’s latest event will be streamed live at 11 AM, 7 PM BST, and 2 PM ET. The exclusive online event will be streamed on Google’s web page. Currently, if you visit the link, you will be able to hear pleasant elevator music. 

If you don’t wish to access Google’s web Page, simply visit the tech giant’s YouTube channel. 

Are you excited about the latest Google Pixel 5?