Google Pixel 5 Or iPhone 12; Which One Is The Better Flagship Phone?

Google Pixel 5, iPhone 12, flagship phone

You will witness the biggest flagship phone face-off this year between the recently launched Google Pixel 5 and the much-awaited iPhone 12 line-up set to release in October, according to leaks and reports.

This time, Google has come up with an affordable device powered by a mid-level processor. Google is working on the value for money concept. This is a necessary move as the iPhone 12 base model might be valued at 9 set with attractive features like OLED display, A14 Bionic processor and 5G connectivity.

In this article, we’ve made a complete list of comparisons between the two flagship phones of 2020. Let’s see which one wins the race.


We now have confirmed news about the latest Google Pixel 5. This flagship phone has only one model featuring 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage capacity. This model is priced at $699. This is a nice bargain considering it’s a Google device.

However, latest rumors suggest that the new iPhone 12 base model might be priced at $649. However, this will be the 5.4-inch model with storage capacity of 64 GB. This device, likely to be called iPhone 12 Mini is one of the lower-end iPhone 12 models. The higher-end models are likely to be valued at $799 or $749.

General Specs

A lot of information about the new iPhone 12 is based on rumors. There are no such official announcements to corroborate to these claims. But as per reliable leakers, we have got to know that the new Apple iPhone 12 will consist of 3 variants in terms of storage, 64, 128 and the highest 256 GB models. Whereas Google Pixel 5 has a 128GB model. The iPhone 12 series screen size will vary from 5.4 to 6.1-inch OLED displays. Google Pixel 5 has a 6-inch OLED display.

Apple uses the A-14 Bionic processor where Google is using Snapdragon 765G. iPhone 12 will be powered by 2220 mAh to 2770 mAh battery backup. Whereas Google Pixel 5 provides a 4000 mAh battery support. Now, let’s move ahead with some specific comparisons between the two flagship phones of 2020.

Design And Size

Google has finally abandoned its Soli ai-gesture tech. The new Google Pixel 5 has a 6-inch display with narrow all-round bezels. On the front, the screen has a punch-hole camera and the back is designed by recycled aluminium.

In case of the new iPhone 12, we don’t know much about its design yet. But we expect an OLED display on a 5.4 to 6.1-inch display. Apple might work on a smaller notch in all the 2020 models. But we’re not confident about this change as of yet. Google’s phone is IP68 water resistant and can support wireless charging. We also expect this feature to be present in the latest iPhone 12 models.


Google had a smooth 90Hz refresh rate for its Pixel 4. It is continuing with that in its new Google Pixel 5. The display of this latest device is almost similar to that of its outgoing model.

In case of the latest iPhone, there is grim news on this front. Most recent leaks are suggesting that iPhone 12 might not include the 120Hz ProMotion feature at all. Apple fans might have to wait for the 2021 models for that desired feature.

Connectivity and Performance

Google is using a mid-level processor. So, if you want a powerhouse, the Google Pixel 5 might not satisfy you. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G will provide a decent experience but the speed will be much less than its latest 865.

As for Apple’s latest, iPhone 12 will likely use the A14 Bionic processor. This is a catch as it’s supposed to be the fastest chip you can get to power any phone till now.

Both these flagship phones have 5G connectivity. Google Pixel 5 includes mmWaves for the fastest speed in urban spaces and also supports sub-6Hz long-range network. However, Apple might cut down on mmWaves to cut down on the cost and longer battery life. This feature might appear on the higher-end Pro models of the iPhone 12 2020 line-up.


This is a key spec for the flagship phone battle. Google Pixel 5 has a 12.2 MP main sensor and an ultrawide lens of 16MP. There are a lot of additional camera tricks to this device as well. The iPhone 12 will likely continue with its 2-camera console, one wide and one ultrawide. We don’t have the detailed specifications of these cameras yet. But Apple has never disappointed us with its camera. So, let’s look forward to what it has to offer this time.


Google received a lot of negative criticism for its battery life in the Pixel 4. But it has made improvements in its latest model. This time it is providing a 4000 mAh battery support coupled with the energy-efficient Snapdragon 765G processor chip. This combination will surely work in its favour. What is more interesting is that Pixel 5 supports wireless as well as reverse wireless charging.

For the iPhone 12, there have not been many credible leaks about iPhone 12’s battery life. Rumors suggest that the battery life might range from 2200 to 27770 mAh, but we’re not certain of it. It’s also important to remember that Apple’s general battery backup is way better than Android, so don’t let the 2000 mAh disappoint you.

Android 11 And iOS 14

Google Pixel 5 is the first to go with Android 11. Updates are also available for Pixel 4 and 4a. Now earlier Pixel users can also access screen recorder and will be able to grant single-use permissions. Many additional handy features are included in the Google Pixel 5 like the recorder app, transcriber app, Hold For Me feature and so on. But the recently launched iOS 14 has more dramatic updates in hold for you. Check out the detailed updates in iOS 14 to know more.


If you’re looking for concrete answers as to which flagship phone is better, we can tilt towards the expected iPhone 12. Not only is it expected to be cheaper but beats Google Pixel 5 in major sectors like processor, variants, RAM, storage and so on. Now, let’s hope the actual line-up is available to us by the end of this month.