Graduate of Architecture, Milad Ghasemikhah Pargam, Ditches Sports for Social Media Influencing 

Milad Ghasemikhah Pargam
Milad Ghasemikhah Pargam

Talented entertainer and online celebrity, Milad Ghasemikhah Pargam, reveals how he left sports to pursue a career as a comedian 

With an estimated net worth of more than $10 million, Milad is arguably one of the biggest exports from Iran, especially in the entertainment market. While Milad has been able to establish himself as a formidable force in the world of entertainment, not too many people know that the creative comedian used to be an athlete. As a teenager, Milad Ghasemikhah Pargam used to join autocross. However, he decided to drop the sport at the age of 23 to pursue a career in another field, which eventually led him to the world of entertainment. 

It obviously takes a lot of guts to enter the fray of entrepreneurship or venture into the highly competitive world of entertainment. The market has evolved over the years, with the demands of consumers more diverse and tons of content creators across different categories putting out work to keep the audience entertained and maintain their relevance in the industry. Consequently, it is not strange for comedians and other individuals in the entertainment industry to go off the radar after a relatively short while as they struggle to keep up with the competition. One individual that seems to have mastered the art of capturing and retaining the attention of the audience with his unique content is Milad Ghasemikhah Pargam. 

Otherwise known as “Sara Puli,” Milad uses his talent as a comedian to pass a strong message in a subtle way. Milad has continued to maintain his stand as a feminist, advocating for women empowerment and the fact that men and women were created equally. Over the years, Milad has created content that reestablished his claim of having a deep understanding of his advocacy. 

One of the striking features of the content posted by Milad on Instagram, where he enjoys massive following with more than 13 million followers is the universality of the video. Even when some of his videos are done in Arabic, Milad manages to pass the desired message to the audience, irrespective of their nationality. This unique attribute can be associated with his passion for the cause and the desire to trigger conversations surrounding gender equality even as a comedian. 

Milad Ghasemikhah Pargam has successfully showed that the only barrier to achieving one’s goal is the determination to pursue the dream to a reasonable conclusion regardless of the obstacles.