The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing in 2020

Video Marketing

While 2020 is considered to be quite a complicated year in the field of business, it has still encouraged people in sales to come up with brand new strategies that would help them incur profits in their subsequent businesses. Right now, every single person involved in the business has the means to carve out the best market strategy that would significantly outlive their opposition. Here we come back to a decade-old strategy of using videos to engage the public into buying a particular brand or service. But, how do we apply it in such a way that the entire process is simply video marketing- where the complete procedure takes recourse to a motion picture that would roll through the entire journey?

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Why Video Content Marketing?

Why is there a need to enforce video marketing this year? Firstly, social media has given rise to the usage of videos to promote services and brands. Applications like TikTok and Instagram have made it possible for celebrities to endorse brands and promote their products through live feeds, interactive videos, 360-degree videos, and virtual reality. And if businesses want to increase their presence in the markets, they need to use this technology and get with the times. Video Marketing is the latest trend in the market, and this is the moment when you start using it.

video marketing

Pros of Video Marketing:

  1. It can grab attention.
  2. You can instantly share it on social media.
  3. You can provide both entertaining and educational content.
  4. The rates of conversion are extremely high.

It is quite unfortunate that despite the vast number of clients that get added at the end of any video marketing, companies are still unwilling to use it. Probably because there is a definite set of strategies that go with the process. In the event of video marketing, any organization has to first chalk out its strategy- then select the audience it is rooting for, and then the best set of tools for the job. The company needs to ask itself which video would hit the sweet spot, and which platforms to be preferred over others.

And these are the follow-up questions that will come up.

Who is your Target Audience for This Video Marketing?

If you have no set target audience in mind and are simply trying to wing it, it might create problems later on. You may never know, but your video might reach consumers who aren’t at all interested in the product, and they can end up simply ignoring it, or even vilifying it. On the other hand, people who might actually be interested in your product would probably not even get to see it in the end.

If you want to improve the target audience, the best way to do so would be to employ different SEO tricks and tools, whilst also using Google Analytics for the purpose.

What is your Goal?

Before you shoot the video, you need to ask yourself as to why exactly are you shooting it in the first place. What is the goal behind this project? For, if you have no goal in mind, your video will go haywire, and your point won’t reach across. If you have the desire for people to covet your brand and buy it, you need to make your video engaging to the public. If you want to build a rapport with the public, you need to make it humorous, relatable. But if you are a consummate professional, you can also make your video to be all about discounts, and specifications. Whatever be the point, it needs to reach across; that will help you plan out your entire video marketing strategy.

How can you Encourage your Audience to Stay Through Video Marketing in 2020?

While you do need to sell your products and services to people so that you start building an image for yourself, you also need to make sure that the people you have as your clients stick by you. Helping them grow along with yourself is an important part of the deal. You can’t simply use your products as a one time wonder. The development needs to be steady and consistent which is why your clients need to believe that they can trust you.

You can always create a better product, but what is the guarantee that just because your product is better, people will be attracted to it? Well, for that to happen, you need to stop your clients from feeling complacent or left out. They need to believe in you, and your product, and the only way you can do it is by putting up a video that engages and speaks to them. If they can’t relate to you and the product you are selling, they won’t deign to buy it.

Also, not every business requires the same forms of videos. Here are seven different forms of video marketing that might be useful for your business.

video marketing

7 Popular Types of Video Marketing

Instructional Videos

As the name suggests, these videos provide information to the many doubts that your clients may have. The doubts may range from questions about the performance of the product, the utility, or the very working of it. And the video speaks to them about the constituency of the product, its utility, and your veracity as a company to sell it.

Movavi Screen Recorder or Camtasia are two applications that make it easy for businesses to launch ‘How To’ videos. All you have to do is write a strict about what you really want to say and follow-through.

360 Degree Videos, and Virtual Reality

VR and 360-degree videos have been on the rise for the last few years. They provide an edge to the competition due to the ease and efficiency with which they can show the client everything they want. With 360 degree videos, one can see everything surrounding them, and not just a two-dimensional picture. It allows one to search every nook and cranny, leading to them being more satisfied with the product. VR allows one to fully immerse themselves in their surroundings. Oculus Rift, for example, is one such VR device that would allow one to go deep into the future, or back to the past. This technology is developing, so there’s a lot of potentials there.

Instagram Videos

In today’s world, social media is THE place to be. You can be a cynic, but you still can’t deny the influence of Instagram in every sphere of life. Billions of people use it, and every single brand has an Instagram account. If used properly, one’s product can skyrocket amongst sales through Instagram promotion alone. And, it is extremely easy to use. For video marketing, Instagram can also be one of the cheapest means- as you can upload high-end videos at marginal prices. You can also show overviews of the product, have live AMAs that would help anyone with doubts, or even teasers about your new channel on Youtube.


Vlogs are video logs that do the same thing a voice log does, except it actually immerses you in their land. Again, this doesn’t need too much- just a smartphone, and an idea as to what you are planning to do. If you are video marketing to convince people that working in your company would be the best, you can show them around through Youtube. Or Instagram Live. You can give your subscribers a tour of the entire place, at virtually no cost. And it serves the purpose.

Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Sometimes, companies would give out BTS videos to relate to the consumer. These are mostly hilarious snippets of conversation that happened during the creation of a video, a film, a product- literally anything. This portrays that any action can be fun if people are involved in and are actually passionate about it. And this convinces the consumer that the people creating the particular product know their stuff. BTS can also show people the culture behind the people on screen, and that makes it immensely relatable.

Product Videos

These are for companies that sell products. You create a video about the product, talk about its specifications. It can be a short film showing the product’s dismantling- everything inside it, as well as fixing it soon. It can also be about how to use a particular product. Mostly, company analysts believe in going all out on a product video- a bit of razzle-dazzle, and an impressive voiceover to give their product an aura.


This form of video marketing is not at all recent but is still useful. You conduct live sessions on either Youtube, or Instagram where people ask questions and you answer them. You can also give seminars on the Internet to people interested in a particular service that you are knowledgeable about. It usually involves bringing experts to solve issues through a calm discourse, and if possible reach a conclusion.

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Video Marketing in 2020 is an important weapon in any business’s arsenal. Gone are the days when pamphlets or fliers would do the trick. Now, you need to use technology to its fullest. For it is out there for us to use it for our benefit