Emarketing strategy and tips for successful campaigns

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Whether you own a small business or if you are part of a corporation, you need to know what email marketing is and what email marketing strategies you can use to boost your sales. If used correctly, you can expose your brand out to a huge network of people. But to discuss email marketing, let’s go back to the beginning!

The History Of Email Marketing

In 1971, Ray Tomlinson became the first person to send an email ever. Although the content of the email was nothing like email marketing, it was a huge leap towards it. The body of the email contained just some letters and numbers. He is also credited for introducing “@“ to the online world. 

And some years later, the marketing manager at a digital Equipment Corp, Gary Thuerk, became the first person to use email marketing. Email marketing sounds simple to us now, but at that time, no one had really thought of this great email marketing strategy. 

And although Thuerk sent a well-crafted advertisement email to a few hundred individuals, he soon got the title of the “Father of Spam.”

Today, the world of email marketing and creative email marketing strategy has gone beyond what Tomlinson or Thuerk could have imagined. 

Your emails need to be personal and direct. If you understand the email marketing strategy, then you don’t need to worry about your brand’s outreach. It can help you with your sales or even if you just want to disseminate information. 

Email Marketing Is A Well-Tested And Reliable Marketing Strategy

If you have a relatively small brand or are just starting out, email marketing is the one for you. The best thing about it is that it’s not expensive at all. Moreover, it’s not even that difficult (even if you think of yourself as a technologically challenged person). There are so many websites dedicated to helping you with email marketing strategy as well. 

A study conducted by the DMA in 2015 concluded that email returns $38 for every $1 that you spend on email marketing. Many customers look through their email list when they want to buy a product. 

However, in this competitive world of ours, it can be difficult to stand out amongst a whole load of emails. Don’t worry. We are here to help you out!

Create An Email List

The first item on the agenda for a successful email marketing strategy is to create an email list

The key to creating the right email list is to keep it fresh and updated. You can just spam people but trust us, even though keeping an updated email list takes work, they will be the most effective. 

To receive a higher return in investment, maintain a list of subscribers who are interested in your products. People who willingly opt for your email marketing emails are more likely to respond to them than anyone else. 

Here are some ways you can get in touch with people who are interested in your products:

  1. Provide a newsletter sign-up form on your business’s website. You know that the people who are visiting your website are interested in your products, so why not use the opportunity to keep them in the loop. Make sure that the newsletter sign-up form pops up soon after they enter your website. 
  2. Make use of a traditional sign-up sheet. Suppose you are going to an event or a conference where you will get a chance to interact with interested customers, carry a sign-up sheet with you. Set yourself up in an appropriate location and tell people what your brand is all about. Interested people can give their email address on the sheet. 
  3. Two words, social media. Social media holds a crucial place in email marketing strategy. If you already have an active social media account, let your followers know that you have a sign-up form. 

Email Marketing Strategy For Your Email List

There are several ways you can spruce up your game. One way to do it is by offering discounts or holding contests. You need to note that customers appreciate active brands. And an attractive incentive will be seen as a great deal. 

Ensure that your email is attractive and easily shareable. Beautiful content only goes as far as the convenience it provides to customers. Make sure they can be shared on different social media sites. This way, news about your brand will spread faster. 

Say No To Buying Email List For An Effective Email Marketing Strategy 

It is highly recommended that you do not buy an email list. It will reflect poorly on your brand as you will receive several spam reports. Some filters might even flag your emails. 

Never buy or rent email lists from other parties. If your email recipient does not consent to your emails, then there’s no use in it. You cannot force someone to buy your products by spamming them. Some people might visit your website, but the chances are low, and the risk of unsubscribers is high. 

Make sure that you provide an unsubscribe button. So that your emails reach the correct audience and your email marketing strategy is effective. 

Are There Email Marketing Support Systems?

Yes, there are. There are companies that are dedicated to helping you reach your core audience. One such platform is Mailchimp. 

Mailchimp provides you with a variety of useful features that will get your email marketing strategy on. 

Mailchimp also provides you with the option of a paid or a free plan. Both the plans, of course, have their own benefits. But, if you are new to email marketing and are just dipping your toes in it, then you can go for the free plan. 

But if you have a contact list larger than 2000 people, you will have to opt for the paid plan.  

Additionally, Mailchimp offers you loads of fun tips on email marketing strategy. Don’t know what the data collected from your customers mean? Don’t worry, Mailchimp will guide you. 

Moreover, if you think you need every assistance you need, they will provide you with 24/7 first-class support for the first month. Plus, if you want assistance through email or message, you can contact their support staff 24/7 for a mere $9.99 per month. And even if you are not on the paid plan, you can still access their step by step guide to a successful email marketing strategy. 

Field Marketing Guide

This is where you collect and analyze the data you have recovered from your customers. Crafting a personal and informative email is crucial to gaining loyal followers. You should check how well your email was taken by your customers. How many clicks did you get from your email, and what can you do to make the results better?

People Do Judge By The Cover

This is where you need to keep in mind the template, content, color, identity, layout, images, and fonts. It’s all a part of a perfect email marketing strategy. Remember that the presentation has to match the look of your brand. 

So, to keep it all in mind, let’s take a recap!

Find Your Core Audience

Your return on investment is directly linked to a loyal customer base. Be active and stay engaged with them. You can build lasting relationships with your loyal customers by sending them personalized emails. 

Keep Track Of Where Your Customers Are Coming To You From

Keeping track of your sign-up sources is crucial to a successful and effective email marketing strategy. Once you understand which category they belong in, you can send them targeted emails. The area interest differs from one category to another. 

Cook Up Different Content For Different Segments

This is one email marketing strategy that is key in furthering your brand’s name and getting loyal customers. Your brand may have different kinds of customers, each separated by their age, gender, or other personal interests. Creating content that is directed towards them will generate their interest and keep them engaged. You might be tempted to send content to everyone in your email list, but trust us, segmentation is an effective email marketing strategy

Personalize Your Content And Your Email Frequency

Remember why your customers signed up for a newsletter. It’s because they are interested in your brand. Do not water it down or make it generalized. 

Speak to your audience directly and speak with a purpose. 

The frequency at which you send emails is also important. There’s no rule to how many you can send, but it’s better if you don’t spam. Besides, you want your customers to be excited about your content. And creating top-notch content takes time and effort. So, it’s better to prioritize quality over quantity. 

One great way to keep track of your newsletters is to keep a calendar and maintain a schedule. You can even schedule your emails some days before the due date. That way, you can make more time for other creative work. 

Create Your Template

One way to step up your email marketing is to create your own template. This way, you can be in charge of how your brand is being represented. 

You can start by putting all the information you want on your design on a chart. Stick them according to their importance. And this way, you can edit and create your perfect template. 

Always Test Your Marketing Emails

It doesn’t look good for your brand if you have email typos. To avoid that, always send test emails to a coworker or your friends. A fresh pair of eyes is always good for a perfect finish.  

Another important thing you need to test is the look of your email in different electronic devices. For example, people who check emails on their cell phones will see your email differently than people who check it on their laptops. Remember to check your email on multiple devices to avoid such issues. 

Email Marketing Automation

You can set up automatic emails to save up your time. Suppose you have gained many customers. It’s not possible for you to send personalized emails to each and every one. That’s when you can set up automated emails. For instance, welcome emails or follow up emails are the ones that you can get away with automated content. Additionally, emails that assist your customers in keeping track of their orders can always be automated. 

Analyze How You Are Doing

Always analyze your performance to check if your results have improved, or if they are falling. Only then you can make changes. 

Keep Track of how many of your emails are being opened and how many customers click visit your website via email marketing. 

There are also other apps that can help you compare your numbers with your rival brand. This is important to raise your standards. As we mentioned before, Mailchimp also provides you with an e-commerce tracking feature, where you will receive reports on your email marketing campaigns

You should also keep a log of the traffic your website is receiving. Know what email marketing strategy is working and which campaigns are a success. Keeping all this information in view, you can work on your next email marketing campaign. 

If you want to know how to run a successful email marketing campaign, let us simply tell you that the answer is to stay active and engaged with your customers. Along with all the above information, maintain a trusting relationship with your loyal customer base. Loyalty cannot be bought. It happens over time and requires constant attention and effort. 

So, what are you waiting for? Follow all the simple guidelines and get your brand running through email marketing.