Grey’s Anatomy Sees The Romance Heating Up

Grey's Anatomy
GREYÕS ANATOMY - ÒReady to RunÓ - Richard and Teddy make an exciting announcement. Jules and Blue butt heads over MaxineÕs care while Lucas helps an artist decide on a risky procedure. Jo and Mika tend to Sam as Simone faces a life-changing decision. THURSDAY, MAY 11 (9:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Eric McCandless) KIM RAVER, NIKO TERHO, ALEXIS FLOYD

In the latest episode aired on May 11th of Grey’s Anatomy, the romance is starting to simmer. Lucas Adams, played by Niko Terho, walked in to see Simone Griffin, played by Alexis Floyd, who has a fast-approaching wedding, trying out her wedding dress. The feelings between the two still lingered since the two hooked up earlier in the season.

This is when Mika Yasuda, played by Midori Francis, almost said that he was the groom. However, even if her correction was in time, it was no less awkward as she said that it was bad luck if the bride saw her roommate prior to the wedding.

What Will Be Next For The Couple In Grey’s Anatomy?

Following the slip-up as well as Lucas’ own realization about the effect of his symptoms of ADHD, Lucas revealed the diagnosis to Simone. Along the way, he also told her about his real feelings. He told her not to get married and said that he loved everything that he saw in Simone.

Before the confession of Lucas in Grey’s Anatomy’s latest episode, the two had the assignment to help Ray, an illustrator patient. Ray was too scared to undergo surgery for an aneurysm in his abdominal aorta. After Ray attempted to leave the premises without being treated, Simone thought of the patient as a time bomb that can go off at any time.

Then, in the Grey’s Anatomy episode, Lucas tried to solve the matter in his own way. He used sketches that he had drawn and used them as an explanation for the procedure as well as a way of reassuring the patient. He simply informed Ray that should any problems arise, they had methods of addressing them as required. This, apparently, did the trick and Ray gave his go-ahead for the surgery.