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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Compound Annual Growth Of Bitcoin Is An Unparalleled 200%

The compound annual growth or CAGR of Bitcoin has never been seen before in financial history. This was reported by the data that revealed that MicroStrategy has given gold 10 years prior to their heightened interest in cryptocurrency.

BTC has provided returns that are unprecedented in history as well as left the stock of Tesla behind them in the race of record yearly compound growth.

Record CAGR Of Bitcoin Holding

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The familiar saying in the cryptocurrency sector and conventional investors that CAGR is frequently overlooked due to the reason that the simple measure of the performance of BTC against other assets.

During the years of existence, the leading cryptocurrency has successfully managed to achieve a lot that is evident in its performance and magnitude that cannot be gauged on any scale.

CaseBitcoin has explained that the 10-year CAGR of BTC is 196.7% that indicates unmatched financial history. He stated this sort of journey had never been heard of before because it means that Bitcoin has tripled the money of investors.

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The yearly compound growth is calculated through return on the investment (ROI) of the 2 dates as well as solving the average return compound that results from each year.

When CaseBitcoin compared Bitcoin with gold, Amazon, and Tesla stock according to the S and P 500, it was seen that BTC was way ahead of the other stock since it was first created. After BTC was Tesla who has a 63.8% CAGR while Amazon has 33.5%.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, tweeted that gold might undergo a digital transformation within the next decade. The company has also announced to make a long-term investment in BTC.

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