Here’s How Gamepass, Bethesda, And Xbox Series X Is Changing Microsoft’s Path In The Gaming World


With Microsoft’s latest releases, it looks like the company’s path is diverting from Sony’s. For the past many years, Song, Nintendo, and Microsoft have been ruling the world of gaming and consoles. Here’s why things seem different now. 

Nintendo has always been the creative and most enduring one. In completion with Sony and Microsoft, it has created Switch, 3DS, and Wii. The company decided to focus more on unique gamer experience than about processing highly advanced consoles. 

Meanwhile, Sony and Microsoft have been battling in for the same group of target audiences. They even share similar games and console features. Although gamers have their own preference when it came to Sony or Microsoft, ultimately, both their consoles were quite similar and functioned in the same way. 

Microsoft Buys Bethesda

The recent announcement of a $7.5 billion purchase by Microsoft of Bethesda has shocked many. 

Even though Microsoft’s Xbox One started slow, the Xbox Series gained much popularity in the last few years. 

Sony’s console focuses on its exclusive games. Nintendo, on the other hand, gave gamers a unique experience. Microsoft’s console provides Game Pass. 

This is where Microsoft’s strategy diverges from Sony’s PlayStation. The Game Pass option allows a gamer to access 100 games in a month for some fees. The Xbox Series X will officially launch in November. The monthly fee is only $15, which gives gamers an unprecedented level of options. 

Unlike Microsoft, Sony seems to be hellbent on continuing with the same strategy. They sell consoles and their exclusive games such as The Last of Us and God of War. And this is how they earn their revenue. However, it looks like Microsoft’s new strategy is working since its effectiveness has increased 50 percent in the last couple of months. In total, there are 15 million subscribers for Microsoft’s Game Pass.

Is Game Pass The Way To Go?

50 million gamers cannot be wrong. If you want easy access to Microsoft games, you should definitely give Game Pass a chance. Especially with the Xbox Series S, it does not have a disc drive, but with a Game Pass, it will give you the same experience as Xbox Series X in much less amount of money. 

Moreover, Microsoft has also made it possible for smartphone gamers to access the Xbox experience. It was also announced that Starfield will essentially be free for any gamer with a Game Pass. 

With the latest release of Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, it is quite clear that their paths have diverged. Sony will determine the company’s success by looking at the number of consoles sold. Meanwhile, Microsoft will be focusing on building up its base of subscribers, among other things. 

Only time will tell which strategy will prove most effective. But no matter what, Microsoft is definitely sailing on freshwaters.