You Can Preorder Your Xbox Series X At Select Retailers Now

Xbox Series X

As the US market is getting ready for the Xbox Series X preorders, the UL market is already selling out of it. If you are in the UK region, we have made a list of information from retailers that still have some stocks left. For gamers that don’t want to spend too much money, we have good news for you. Some really attractive Series S deal details are also given below. 

Just a week after the PS5 preorders, the Xbox Series X is creating a buzz equal to last week. And, similar to Sony’s consoles, it’s possible that Xbox Series X stock might also be tight. For gamers who want to secure their unit, keeping up with retailers is a must. 

List Of Retailers That Are Taking In Xbox Series X and Series S Preorders

Due to a large Xbox Series X preorders, most of these retailer websites are crashing. If you can’t reach them at once, try again. 

The official date for the Xbox Series X release is the 10th of November. 

If you remember the chaos that followed the PS5 preorders, you will know that Amazon and other delivery services had massive order issues. However, with the Xbox Series X preorders, it’s best if you try with these big companies first. However, if you don’t want to be bothered with late deliveries, you can simply check out select retailers and get your Xbox Series X picked up. 


One advantage to get your Xbox Series X preorder from Amazon is its speedy Prime delivery. It’s quite unlikely that they will run out of their units on day 1. 


Another one of the big names. You can visit Walmart’s website for your Xbox Series X and Series S preorders. On 10th November, you can also visit the site and buy your physical unit. 

Best Buy For Xbox Series X Consoles

Best Buy has built a strong name for itself during this pandemic. We are sure this retailer will have a ton of units reserved for the launch date. 


Another great place for gamers to try out. Although, we do not suggest you visit them. Buying from them online will be much safer. 

For gamers located in the European Region, Amazon, Box, Curry’s, John Lewis, Game, and Argos are the best places to get your Xbox Series X preorders in place. The one thing to know about getting a hand on these precious consoles is to be quick. The more units a retailer has, the higher your chances of getting one. 

The official date of the Xbox Series X release in the UK is 10th November. Gamers, we suggest that you get on these retailers’ websites as soon as possible. 

The US market will begin its Xbox Series X preorders only later in the day. All the best to you all!