Here’s When You Will Receive Your Stimulus Checks According To Which Priority Group You Belong To

stimulus checks

While the lawmakers in Washington are still negotiating on the price tag of the second wave of stimulus checks, millions are desperately awaiting for financial aid. Like the first round of stimulus packages, the second will most likely grow the same pattern. We detail when the new stimulus package could be finalized and when you will receive your stimulus checks. 

In the first wave of the stimulus package, many people receive their stimulus money within a few days, some got it after a few weeks, and some still haven’t received theirs. As per reposts, the IRS prioritizes certain groups of people over others. To know you will receive your stimulus money, you need to know which group you belong to. 

Who Belongs To The First Category For Stimulus Checks

As per Steve Mnuchin, the treasury secretary, the first category of people will receive their stimulus checks within a week. They will receive it via direct bank deposits. 

We have taken calendars from the Senate and the House into account. Nancy Pelosi has promised her supporters that the Democrats will extend their working hours till they settle on a stimulus package deal. 

If the Senate approves a stimulus package by 30th September, the House will pass it by 1st October. The President will most likely sign it the next day. This means that the first group of people will receive stimulus checks by the 12th of October. 

Similarly, if the senate approves a bill by 9th October, the first category of people will receive their stimulus money by 19th October. If the Senate approves by 1st December, the money will be received by 7th December. If a stimulus package is approved by 7th December, the money will be delivered by 14th December. 

It is also expected that, like the first time, you can check your check status through the Get Ny Payment tool provided by the IRS. 

Direct Deposit Group

People who had filed their tax returns and submitted their bank direct deposit details to the IRS were the first priority group. 

Second Stimulus Check: Social Security Beneficiaries 

This is the group of people that received their stimulus money as soon as the first group was done with. They received their stimulus checks within a week of the stimulus plan’s approval. 

Physical Checks Group

People whose direct deposit details were not available with the federal authorities, received their physical stimulus checks after a week of the bill’s approval. 

The Fourth Group

For this group, the IRS sent prepaid Visa cards after the round of physical checks were done. 

The Fifth Group

This is the group of people still waiting for their stimulus checks. It could be because they do not file their taxes and they did not fill the forms as well. 

If you are still waiting for your first stimulus checks, visit the IRS website, and fill their forms. They are still looking for the last group of people.