Here’s How You Can Claim Your $500 Dependent Stimulus Money

stimulus money

If you are still waiting for your $500 dependent stimulus money, you need to check the IRS Non-Filer tool and fill their form right now. If you fill the form now, the IRS will be sending your stimulus check by the end of spring. 30th September is the last date to fill the form and submit all your details. 

If you made any mistakes in filling out your details the first time, this is your opportunity to update the IRS on your missing money. 

On other news, to everyone’s relief, the lawmakers in Washington DC are finally resuming their stimulus package negotiations. According to sources, the second round of stimulus checks has a price tag of $2.4 trillion. 

Do You Think Your $500 Stimulus Money Went Missing?

If your dependent $500 stimulus check has not reached you, you can visit IRS’s Free File Fillable Forms website. Tap on Get Started. Create your account. Fill in all the asked-for-details. The details required are your bank account number, social security number, birth date, driver’s license, and your dependent’s social security number. 

Once you are done, they will send a confirmation email to you. 

When Can You Expect Your $500 Dependent Stimulus Check?

If you fill the form before the end of this month, the IRS will start sending out your stimulus package at the beginning of October. You can also visit the Get My Payment website by the IRS to track your stimulus money. All you need to fill in are your birth date, ZIP code, home address, and your social security number. 

The IRS also gives you the option of receiving the stimulus money on your bank account or through paper stimulus checks. 

What Will Happen If You Miss The 30th September Deadline?

You should visit the website and provide all your details right now if you are still waiting for your stimulus package. However, if you miss the 30th September deadline, the next chance you get to claim your stimulus money will not come until next year. 

A Quick Rundown On What Makes An Individual Eligible For Stimulus Package

Firstly, an individual needs to be an American citizen, qualifying “resident alien”, and a permanent resident to be eligible for the stimulus money. 

You also need a social security number and your adjusted gross income should be less than $146,500. If you are a couple who are filing for a stimulus package together, your total AGI should be under $198,000. 

Under the first stimulus package, CARES Act, an individual can receive $1,200, a couple can receive $2,400, and dependents are allowed $500. 

For the dependents stimulus money, the IRS sees if the dependent is a non-adult, adopted non-adult, or a disabled individual.