LinkedIn Launches Updated Look, Makes LinkedIn Stories Available to All Users


LinkedIn has made a new update though they also declared their LinkedIn Stories after they tried selecting countries over the past 5 months.

Firstly, as you can see in the screenshot below, the new look of LinkedIn looks brighter, they changed the color to be a pastel color with less blue and a white and gray background.

New look LinkedIn

According to LinkedIn:

“Two years ago, our brand evolved to better reflect LinkedIn’s community of members and organizations that come together to help, support, and inspire one another. Now, we’re bringing the next chapter of this brand evolution to life across our platform with an entirely new look and feel that embodies our diverse, inclusive, warm, and welcoming community.”


The update looks almost aesthetic. However, LinkedIn has also included some new features and changes to suit the new look.

The key addition is the global plan of LinkedIn Stories.

LinkedIn Stories

As stated, LinkedIn tested the Stories feature through the last few months in the Netherlands, Brazil, Australian, France, and UAE so they can know the reviews about the new option. The release of LinkedIn Stories seems to be a bit late with Australian users. However, as per LinkedIn, the reaction of users about LinkedIn Stories has been ‘amazing to see’.

Currently, everyone can try this out, and though it has not become a main function of note until now, the expanded audience can boost Stories. It will be released in USA and Canada this week, with some other countries soon.

Besides the release of Stories, LinkedIn has also updated its search process to be more incorporated with the new look of LinkedIn.

“The search was about finding people or jobs but now, you’ll have one blended search experience to easily find jobs, people, courses, groups, content, and more. For example, if you’re searching for “Java,” you’ll see what’s new to learn that skill, jobs that are being hired for, relevant groups to join so you can connect with others and people you might know who have Java as a skill.”

LinkedIn search update

Also, LinkedIn is personalizing the search with results from your connections will appear first. Some filters for the keywords were added on mobile which will be available on the web version soon.

LinkedIn is also integrating the ability to start a video meeting through the platform message itself with some incorporations with Zoom, Bluejeans, and Microsoft Teams.

Also, it is adding some other messaging tricks like editing/deleting sent messages.

“If you make a mistake in a message, you can now edit/delete a sent message.”

LinkedIn message editing

Also, there is a new set on actions in the message stream. So, you can archive or even delete all the messages in one time. Some reactions within message threads have been added as well.

Reactions to texts have become common in many platforms so it makes sense to be added by LinkedIn as well, lining up with general usage.

A lot of interesting tools and functions were added to make the communication on the platform better. Also, the new look adds something different, it can be removing some of the stuffiness that is lingered on LinkedIn and providing it with a new sense of life.

LinkedIn is releasing the new features now so if you didn’t see them yet, you will see them so soon.