Here’s What TikTok Told Trump On How TikTok Ban Would Affect The Presidential Elections

TikTok ban

The Trump administration’s whip has reached a potential TikTok ban. In response to it, the company lobbyists told the Trump administration that it could result in Trump losing millions of voters in the upcoming presidential elections. As per Bloomberg, the TikTok lobbyists warned Trump of putting off millions of potential voters. 

As per reports, the TikTok lobbyists explained to representatives from the Trump office how TikTok works, the millions of American users it has and pointed out that a majority of those users are eligible to vote. 

Arguing against a TikTok ban, the lobbyists also told Trump’s campaign officials that TikTok has a huge influence in crucial states for the upcoming presidential elections like Florida. They also mentioned that TikTokers have been very active in politics as well. The #Trump2020 has been viewed over 10 billion times on TikTok, which is 5 times higher than #Biden2020. 

Will Consideration For The Presidential Election Change The Fate For TikTok Ban?

No statements from the White House have been released regarding any updates on TikTok Ban after the lobbyists warned Trump campaign officials of losing votes in the November presidential elections. 

As of now, the Trump administration is determined to put a ban on TikTok unless an American company buys it. The companies that have bid on TikTok are Oracle and Microsoft, among others. Currently, sources suggest that Oracle will be getting a green light from the federal authorities. 

The Current News On TikTok

Federal authorities have announced that starting 20th September, no app stores will be allowed to deal with TikTok. And, using TikTok will be deemed illegal on US grounds from November onwards. 

The Trump administration still stands on its decision that unless an American company buys the video content app, the TikTok ban will go through. People had been expecting the company to slide through by successfully sealing a deal with some American corporation. However, the Oracle deal is yet to be approved by the federal government.

The Trump administration has been quite adamant upon a TikTok ban since they believe that the app is being used by the Chinese government as a spying tool. They believe that collecting American data will help them manipulate and compromise US security. ByteDance has denied these claims saying that all their data centers are outside of Chinese territory, and so, outside of their jurisdiction. However, the Trump administration is still persistent in going ahead with the TikTok ban.

This is not the only app that’s facing the burnt of recently deteriorating diplomatic relations between China and America. ByteDance’s WeChat has also been under heavy scrutiny. 

After this meeting between TikTok lobbyists and the Trump campaign officials regarding the presidential elections, it is unclear whether the TikTok ban will actually go through.