Here’s Why Are Some Fans Are Not Happy About PlayStation 5 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gameplay

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Sony is releasing it’s latest game console next month into the market. Along with the brand new console, the company is already releasing a ton of video games to accompany the latest PlayStation 5. While many video games are making a comeback with an updated look, some fans are not happy about the update in Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay. 

The latest remastered version brings in new adventures from the Miles Morales universe. 

James Stevenson, the community director from Insomniac Games, took over Sony’s PlayStation 5 blog to duchess the latest remastered Spider-Man videogame. Some of the major updates include new suits, graphic upgrades, among other new features. 

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Has A New Face

While the graphics and suit upgrade is fine and well, what’s not sitting well among gamers is that Spider-Man: Miles Morales now looks completely different from what he originally looked like. The company released a video clip on YouTube.

The video clip shows Peter’s meeting with Otto Octavius. We see that Peter’s mentor reveals his latest technological handiwork. It is a set of mechanical arms of himself. The video then goes on to show action-packed chaos. 

As per reports, the company recast an actor to play Peter Parker. Originally, it was John Bubniak. Now, it’s Yuri Lowenthal. Moreover, the new model looks very much like Tom Holland, the current Spider-Man in the Marvel cinematic universe. 

The previous model and the current models are so different from each other that many gamers claim that the change has been jarring. 

Insomniac Games creative director, Bryan Intihar, took to Twitter and told fans that it took the company a while to adjust with the new Peter Parker. He also added that they understand a fan’s attachment to the character and whatever changes they have made have been done after much deliberation. 

PlayStation 5 Gameplay Gets A Video Game Environment Upgrade 

While the model for Peter Parker has changed, the Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay has been produced with utmost care to every single detail. 

Apart from the other changes, the company also revealed that this video game will include ambient shadows, Ray-traces reflections, and an upgraded video game environment. The character and the materials in the game will all be of the latest model. What makes this videogame great for Sony’s PlayStation 5 is that it has a performance mode of 60fps. 

There are three Spidey suits available. Moreover, gamers can choose to add light in certain areas of the video game environment. 

One thing to note is that Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay is not available for standalone purchase. If your PS4 already has this game, you can upgrade the game to the available PlayStation 5 version for free. However, if you want the remastered versions you will have to pay an additional fee.