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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Influencers gain acceptance in traditional media campaigns, study finds

Influencer marketing keeps gaining popularity, as brands cooperate with influencers who had established a followers base on social media. So, these brands display influencers in their campaigns to grab the attention of their followers. The extension of other media channels is a signal that influencers’ impact is not limited to social media platforms that help influencers gain followers.

There are several examples of brands that have featured influencers in their advertisements through the years, including Coca-Cola with Lilly Singh, Coty’s CoverGirl brand with James Charles,  Lancôme with Michelle Phan, and Jimmy John’s with Andrew Bachelor

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According to Takumi’s survey, marketers are focusing on social media channels for their next campaigns. 58% of marketers are measuring how to work with influencers on YouTube, 55% on Instagram, 30% on TikTok, 20% on Twitch, and 10% on Triller.

Instagram is a good platform for shopping, as 25% of people age 16-25 stated that photo-sharing platforms are more leading to purchase. Most of the marketing experts figured out that influencers have a better ability to lead sales, 60% stated that influencer marketing gives a better return on investment than the usual advertising.

51% of consumers stated that influencers on social media have to use their platforms in activism and discuss daily affairs. Over 50% of content creators stated that diversity is the main issue that brands and marketers have to address. 25% of influencers want to establish relations with brands that share their value with social issues, environment, and diversity.

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Over 50% of marketers in the US, Germany, and the UK stated that they would be concerned about working with an influencer who go through political and social discussions, which means that many brands prefer avoiding controversies. Even though brand safety is the first concern, many brands retailers such as Gap, Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, and more, have an activist side and even raise awareness about fighting racism, environmental issues, voting education, and many other social problems.

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