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Here’s Why The Stocks of TWTR Seem Extremely Appealing Now

With the impact of social media on the world in this decade, one can stake a claim as to why TWTR stocks are extremely appealing right now. What once was an extremely small network designed to help people interact on the world wide web, has soon turned into the most widely used social media platform today. According to several reports, close to 75% of the American population is a social network user. With every social media company evolving daily, it is just a matter of time before they start monetizing their bases. 

Here are three reasons why TWTR would be seen as an attractive stock. 

TWTR believes in the brilliance of simplicity. 

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One of the very reasons why this social media platform is so appealing is because it continues to offer newer and easier ways for people to upload stuff. Since the limit on every post is 140 characters, the content is always direct. Also, every single Tweet will reach out to thousands of citizens- making it attractive for business. 

TWTR Has a Continued Earnings Growth

The stocks of TWTR previously released their earnings report in October, where their stocks had been sold off. But, they did manage to recover the price- and are trading at levels never seen before. 

Analyst Upgrades Pointing towards Strong Ad Revenue in 2021 for TWTR

The shares of TWTR have already been upgraded by the stocks of JPMorgan from ‘neutral’ to ‘overweight’ and a price target of $65.

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The Twitter stock was also named as one of the top picks for next year by JPMorgan Chase. This very upgrade highlights the fact that online advertising has a major chance of rebounding in the next year. And this can very well act as a growth driver for Twitter. 


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