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IVC Has a Rating of Buy From Zacks Investment Research

The stocks of IVC have been given a rating of ‘buy’ by the analysts working at Zacks Investment Research in one of the research notes that was published on Friday. According to the official website, the firm has put up a price objective of $9.75 on the stocks of the company. And interestingly, this price target should indicate an increase of 12.20% on the current price of the stock.

The Quarterly Earnings of IVC

The shares of IVC did trade at $8.69 last Friday. The market cap for the firm is $299.09 million, with a beta of 0.96, and a PE ratio of -7.06. The year low of the company is $3.90 with a year high of $9.97. The quick ratio of the company is 1, while the debt-to-equity ratio of the company is 0.91. The current ratio of the company has been fixed at 1.63. The moving average of the company over 50 days is $8.52, while the moving average over 200 days is $7.42. 

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The company previously announced its earnings result on the 29th of October. The EPS reported by the health services provider was $0.10 for the same quarter, which rivaled the consensus estimate of $0.19 set by Thomson Reuters. The company has had a revenue set at  $211.9 million, which beat out the analyst estimates of $204.30 million. The company has a net margin at a negative 4.87% and a return on its equity of -8.76%. 

IVC is a corporation that exports, distributes, manufactures, and designs medical equipment that is used in retail and extended care markets. The company has been in operation throughout America, Europe, and the Asian market.  

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